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Introduction To Art Blocks

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based NFT project that uses an algorithm to create new digital artwork pieces on the blockchain. In August, secondary market transactions exploded, with a spate of single NFT sales totaling over $1 million in ETH.

Generative Art: Digital Art & Collectibles 

Art Blocks has been making waves in the NFT community for the past month. While some people are making enormous investments in these one-of-a-kind ventures, others are still unaware of their genuine worth.

What Is It About Art Blocks That Makes It So Unique?

"Art Blocks is a first-of-its-kind platform focused on truly programmable on-demand generative material that is stored immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain," according to their website. You choose a style you prefer, pay for the task, and an algorithm creates a randomly generated version of the content and sends it to your Ethereum account. The final outcome could be a static photograph, 3D model, or interactive experience. Each output is unique, and the types of material that may be developed on the platform are virtually limitless."

What Are Art Blocks?

Art blocks are a platform for curating programmable generating artworks that are stored and sold on the Ethereum blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT). The script is saved on-chain and the works are usually developed using p5.js, a JavaScript package that enables creative coding. When new artwork is minted, the script generates a unique seed that is pseudo-randomly created, resulting in a unique artwork on mint. The seed is used to set the script's initial variables. 

To explain the "on-chain" phrase, only the logic necessary to generate the art is stored on-chain; most projects use vast libraries that are too large to store on chain; hence, the script will call these external libraries. The advantage of using this method is that even if the Art Blocks API goes down, the art may still be restored by running the script, thereby making Art Blocks NFTs timeless.

There are three different kinds of art block projects:


These are the ‘best' works of art blocks' artists, as picked by the staff; they represent the cream of the crop, which has been properly evaluated. Projects are issued in four-part series, with the fourth beginning on July 23rd.


This collection is for artists that have already had a curated drop and want to show off their skills even more. It hasn't been scrutinized as extensively as the curated collection, but that doesn't mean the quality isn't there. The name 'Playground' comes from the fact that this part allows artists to experiment and express their ideas.


Because of the large number of applications, curated projects take two years to complete. As a result, the art blocks team established the factory section, which allows newer designers to take part in drops. The artworks released are still picked by the team and distributed on a regular basis, but they are normally merely vetted to ensure that they are functional and not obvious clones of other artworks. Because art blocks do not advertise them as heavily, it is up to the artists to promote their own work.

What Distinguishes Art Blocks From Other NFT Collectible Projects?

The NFT market currently offers a plethora of options, ranging from music to visual arts to one-of-a-kind card trading. Art Blocks, on the other hand, has stood apart from the throng since its inception.

The majority of NFTs are either limited editions or one-of-a-kind. With the element of surprise, Art Blocks takes it a step further. You won't know exactly how your piece will look until after you've bought it.

Collectors will be even more enthralled by this daring method, as they will receive a unique rendition of their favorite artist's concept.

Art Blocks As An Investment In Digital Art

Art Blocks have evolved into a valuable resource for NFT investments. Curated collections will surely become more valuable as the platform grows in popularity.

Anyone interested in NFT is welcome to join the Art Blocks Discord channel. This welcoming space organizes significant news on curated, playground, and factory projects into distinct channels.

As the NFT economy continues to evolve, one thing is certain: Art Blocks has blazed the route to success and is unmistakably here to stay.

Wrap Up

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