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ERC1400 Token Development Company

Security tokens might have their own Ethereum-based token standard called ERC-1400. This standard created by Polymath, formerly known as ST-20. Polymath is working on tokenizing any kind of real-world asset that is offered only to accredited investors. They automated the services needed for issuing a token and then trading it.

ERC-1400 works as an umbrella that inter-operates with several other token standards to manage fungible and non-fungible trading regulation. They promise on-chain ownership but have not made the case why is this legally mandatory. It is meant to help entities organize security token offerings (STO’s) and better comply with regulations.

According to the authors, who presented their security token standard via Github, the new resulting token should be compliant with both ERC-20 and ERC-777 standards. On the other side, the token will differ from utility tokens as it will be backed by real-world assets. Also, the token will have to ensure a complex connectivity environment between on-chain and off-chain actors.

So what do you think of the continued development of the ERC-1400 security token standard suite? Or want to launch your securtiy token with unique ERC-1400 standard? Or want to hire the best STO development company for your tokenized requirements? Then you are in the right place!

Create ERC1400 Token

Launch Your Security Token with Unique ERC-1400 Standard

Securitytokenizer is a leading Crypto Token Development Company helping our clients to digitize assets, as well as launch and operate markets with secure, and customizable distributed ledger platform.

We upgraded enterprises avant-grade technology solutions for issuing security token offerings (STO) will enable organization, such as private equity, real estate firms and funds, to create, issue, and trade tokenized securities in a secure, private environment. According to the company, the solution has been upgraded to increase liquidity for high value asset classes.

As long-time participants and leaders in the blockchain technology ecosystem, we are allowing our customers to move with corporate adoption of security tokens as a means to streamline issuance, reduce deal costs through smart contracts, and optimize deal execution with the flexibility of the immutable ledger provided by STOs.

We provide complete security token offering services which includes Security Token Offering, Tokenized Asset Offering, Equity Token Offering, STO Exchange Development, STO Dashboard Development, STO Marketing Services, STO Consulting Services, STO Legal Services, Smart Contract Development and Whitepaper Drafting. We design, develop and execute your STO project with agile methodology. Hire Our Skilled Blockchain Developers for Your STO Projects.

Our Exclusive Crypto Token Development Services 

Hire Our Token Developers & Enrich your Crypto Business With us!

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