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Fractional NFT Marketplace Development Company

As a Leading Fractional NFT Marketplace Development Company  Security Tokenizer develops Fractional NFT Marketplaces that increase liquidity and also allow small investors to purchase assets at a reasonable price in a short duration. Anyone who has been noticing the crypto industry would obviously hear about the NFT Craze. This trending tech NFT has brought a whole new era of asset ownership into this digital world. As a new wave of NFT tech hits the market every day, several types of NFTs are being launched in the crypto world from time to time. In this blog, let’s have a detailed overview of one such special NFT tech called Fractional NFTor F-NFT.

"Cost" of Fractional NFT Marketplace!

What is Fractional NFT (F-NFT)?

 Fractional NFTs are simply a whole NFT that has been split into many smaller fractions thus enabling several users to claim ownership over a same piece of an NFT. This concept of F-NFTs has provided a possibility of co-owning thus enabling several users even with a fund deficit problem can have their very own digital asset.

How Does F-NFT Works?

NFTs are simply a crypto-token that can be created using various token standards like ERC721, ERC998, TRC721 etc. For instance, let us assume that an NFT token is developed on a token standard ERC721. In order to fractionalize this token, smart contracts are used. Based on the program stored on a smart contract, the NFT token made of ERC721 is split into specified number of fractions in the form of multiple ERC20 tokens. This concept of F-NFT is possible on any blockchain network that supports smart contract. This is how an ownership over an NFT can be fractionalized.

Why Does the Market Need F-NFTs?

It is obvious that with all the increasing popularity of NFTs, the price of owning an NFT will become more expensive in the future. This will be a pain point among several small scale investors. This is why the market needs Fractional NFTs. The concept of F-NFTs has made it is easy for anyone to own a small portion of an NFT regardless to its cost. Since this feature reels-in a huge number of investors, the value of NFT improves eventually thus leads to more market liquidity. 

Use Cases of  Fractional NFT

Below mentioned are the possible use cases where the Fractional NFTs can be utilized to its fullest capacity.

  • Real-Estate Industry - When it comes to the real estate industry, many people can hold a portion of ownership over a piece of land without spending a hefty price.

  • Gaming Industry - Using the F-NFT in the gaming industry, players can easily team up to buy any expensive in-game asset in order to win a battle or a race.

  • Film Industry - Celebrities having a huge fan base can easily to invest on any digital asset representing their favourite celebrity's film and can easily increase its value.

  • Arts Industry - With this Fractionalizing technology, any art lovers can experience owning a unique piece of art which is too expensive for them to buy single handedly.

Fractional NFT Development

As a leading NFT Token Development company, SecurityTokenizer can assist you in Fractional NFT Development and help you improve your business standards.
With our expertise in NFT Marketplace Development Services, we can also build your own Fractional NFT Marketplace platform where your users can buy and sell F-NFTs with ease.

Benefits of Our F-NFT Development

Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of Fractional NFT development.

  1. Improves the liquidity flow.

  2. F-NFT makes an investment option accessible to everyone.

  3. Easy Monetization.

  4. Improves the future value of an NFT.

  5. Offers voting rights among each and every Co-owners.

Why Choose Security Tokenizer For F-NFT Marketplace Development?

SecurityTokenizer, as a leading Token Development Company, we have immense knowledge in NFT development services and can develop various forms of NFTs including F-NFTs as per your business requirements. With our expertise in the crypto industry, our developers offer the best Smart contract development services which makes us the right choice to work on your F-NFT project. Get in touch with us to acquire the best Fractional NFT development services and take your business to a whole new level.

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