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Metamask Wallet Clone Script

Metamask Wallet Clone Script is a ready-made cryptocurrency wallet clone includes all of the functionality , security plugins, and built-in features of Metamask. With the help of this script, entrepreneurs may simply establish a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask. Additionally, it can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your business. Security Tokenizer offers high ROI-based Metamask Wallet Clone Script, Metamask Wallet Clone App, and Metamask Wallet Clone App Development to the clients.

Main Features of Metamask Wallet Clone

Security Tokenizer offers an advanced Metamask Wallet Clone Script with stunning features and functionalities for clients. The Metamask Wallet Clone that we created will get through these features. Some of the identifiable features of Metamask Wallet Clone are ,

  • Swaps

You can swap tokens with this feature and find the best token values from well-known DeFi exchanges, aggregators, and NFT markets. You may quickly and affordably sell your digital assets for the greatest price without compromising your privacy.

  • Gas efficiency

The initial consideration in creating the wallet app is the gas fee. We have included specialized APIs that maximize transaction speed and minimize gas fee. Our Meta-mask clone which further simplifies gas fees only implements the EIP-1599 protocol.

  • Key vault

The ability to create proprietary keys and paraphrases that cannot be stolen or compromised is provided to users. Other triggers like key vault, two factor authentication, biometric authentication, and multi-signature cannot compare to security encryption.

  • Buy/Sell Crypto

Bitcoin can be bought and sold using a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and mobile UPI. Access all cryptocurrencies and tokens on all blockchain networks using privacy first wallet.

  • Multi- Cryptocurrency

Whatever the blockchain network, the metamask clone can be configured to function with it. It can help the upcoming new cryptocurrency that will enter the market.

Advantages of Metamask Wallet Clone

Our Metamask Wallet Clone App includes a number of advantages and offers possible use cases for investors , blockchain developers , gamers , and new comers.

  • Open Source

Our Metamask clone is FOSS( free and open source software program). This shows that Metamask is accessible online and free of charge without any restrictions , enhanced privacy through mails and passwords , or outside interference.

  • HD Wallet

This functionality generates one from a single point in place of the users having to create a hierarchical tree of keys on their own.

  • Usability

Our sophisticated metamask clone landing page is created on your machine as opposed to distant servers , making it less susceptible to hacking.

  • Local Key Store

Users have more control over their public or private keys due to these keys are kept locally in the browser as opposed to remotely on a server.

  • In-built Exchange

Users can swiftly and conveniently move money between wallets with the use of this tool, saving them time and effort.

Types Of Metamask Wallets

Our experts are well-knowledge in metamask wallet clone app developement. We offer types of metamask wallet to our client for fulfill their business needs. The types of metamask wallet below:

  1. Cold Wallet

  2. Hot Wallet

  3. Mobile Wallet

  4. Web and Desktop Wallet

Metamask Wallet Clone

Metamask is the ethereum blockchain , which is interacted using a software cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet allows users from all around the world to operate their ethereum wallet using browser extension or a mobile application. It can also be used for interfacing with decentralized apps. To clarify, the Metamask wallet clone is a browser plugin developed with the goal of making it incredibly simple to connect the Ethereum dApp ecosystem.

White Label Metamask Wallet Clone App

Security Tokenizer is a leading Cryptoucrrency Wallet Development Company with expertise in the development of digital cryptocurrency wallets. We offers high end metamask wallet clone app development services for entrepreneurs everywhere in the world , complete with cutting-edge features and stunning UI/UX design. Our White Label Metamask Wallet Clone App is a high secured tools and latest techniques to developed by our well-experienced developers. We guarantee that our white-label or customized metamask wallet solutions will satisfy all your requirements.

How does the Metamask Wallet Clone Works?

The MetaMask Wallet Clone Software is built on Ethereum. It is a wallet with an app SDK and browser plugins. Any user can access the wallet via a desktop browser or a mobile app once the metamask clone script is installed on the web.

If necessary then the wallet can also be coupled to a DeFi ecosystem and a third party dApps marketplace. Those who want to create wallets can purchase the cryptocurrency wallet script , rename it , customize it , add coin support , and then launch it right away.

Cryptocurrencies that Support in our Metamask Clone Script

Users are able to keep track of their holdings with this Metamask wallet clone software, and they are all convenient;y accessible in one location. The cryptocurrencies that our premium metamask wallet clone script, metamask wallet clone app, metamask wallet clone app development supports are listed below.

  1. Ethereum(ETH)

  2. Binance coin(BNB)

  3. DogeCoin (DOGE)

  4. TRON(TRX)


  6. Tether (USDT)

  7. Stellar (XLM)

  8. Cosmos (ATOM)

Our Metamask Wallet Clone supports an infinite number of cryptocurrencies, tokens , stablecoins, NFTs, etc. We will modify our pre-made cryptocurrency wallet clone to support the necessary cryptocurrencies and other digital assets based on the needs of the client.

How to Make a Wallet Like Metamask?

Cryptographic wallets like Metamask can be created in various ways depending on their terms and interests.

  • Some knowledgeable programmers will hire specialized blockchain developers and create wallets from the ground up. To make the project properly coordinated, you must employ a chief technical officer, app developers and designers. This is frequently the founders' "pocket burning" strategy.

  • On the other side , the founders of a wallet who are less tech competent but wish to design a wallet with user centric features can benefit from using the metamask clone script.This is the most effective form of development in terms of affordability, speed to market, and minimal resource management.

Why Choose Our Metamask Wallet Clone Script?

Security Tokenizer is the best metamask wallet clone script, metamask clone app provider around the world. The following reasons for choose our metamask wallet clone:

1. Supports multiple number of cryptocurrencies

2. White Label or Customized Solution

3. Budget friendly Services

4. High quality and quick Deployment

5. Flawless of buying, sending, swapping and storing of cryptocurrencies, tokens,etc.

6. Smart Contract Audit Features

7. Latest Multi-level crypto wallet support

8. User-friendly and easy interface

9. Advanced market trending features includes

These are mostly attracted by our clients. We successfully deliver 450+ projects around the world, such as South Korea, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, USA, UAE, UK, Thailand, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and more.  

Why Choose Security Tokenizer for Metamask Wallet Clone App Development?  

We are the Token Development Company as well as Cryptocurrency Development Company with the quickest growth that many cryptocurrency enterprises have chosen for the creation of the metamask wallet clone. Our method of product development is considerably superior to other development companies. We successfully completed 450+ cryptocurrency wallet projects on both custodial and non-custodial wallet designs. Our company offers custom wallet construction services like multi-signature, multi-party computation wallets and so on. Our experts provide support 24/7 and give many suggestions to the users. 

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