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Launch Your crypto token and embellish your crypto business with pro-level token development services of Security Tokenizer. We extend our token development services on various blockchains like ethereum, EOS, TRON, Binance smart chain, Matic, Tezos, and more.

Cryptocurrency And Token Development Company

Navigate your token development journey through building a new blockchain from the beginning with Security Tokenizer. We devise a comprehensive, mission-driven approach to token development from picking the precise blockchain to endowing blockchain’s internal architecture and assure efficient management at each stage of crypto token development.

From ideation to token launch and marketing, We have real-world experience to deliver comprehensive offerings on token development services to our clients across industry hosts. Our token development services comprise the following

Ethereum Token Development
TRON Token Development
BEP-20 Token Development
ICO Token Development
STO Token Development
Exclusive Token Development Solutions

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Non Fungible Token Development.

Empower the future of creatives and secure it under blockchain by tokenizing the collectibles with NFTs. As non-fungible tokens ensure the digital acceptance and authorization for tangible as well as intangible assets, they become the more valuable crypto sensation. At securitytokenizer we create custom NFTs for the arts, games, real estate, collectibles, sports, and virtual world. We are on the mission of implementing a strategic approach in connecting the collectors and creators in a more secure way through NFTs. Our expert NFT Developers can create NFT tokens on any standards under any blockchain like Etheruem, binance smart chain, Polkadot, Tezos, EOS, and Cosmos. Join the NFT Revolution.

What We Provide
NFT Development
NFT Marketplace
Customization & Integration.

DeFi Token Development

DeFi token development services come with a variety of valuable token creation services which can be utilized in regular financial activities like borrowing, lending and investments. DeFi negates the potential risk and is utilized for real world asset tokenization where users grab benefits of virtual assets ownership that indulges voting rights to have part in the platform's decision making process. Nominal marketplace, cross platform compliance and enhanced throughput features of the DeFi token development had made the DeFi to place its immovable footprints in the crypto token market. Our flagship defi token development services can be listed as below

What We Provide
DeFi Smart Contract For Tokens
Automated Tokens
DeFi Wallet Development For Tokens

BEP-20 Token Development

BEP20 Token Development has occupied the most origin space in the crypto industry nowadays and holds the future prospect of the crypto business. The process of creating native BEP-20 token which chiefly operates on the binance smart chain (BSC) that cheerfully grants the participants who seek the service of the binance chain to monitor their crypto monetary policies effectively. The Binance smart chain is fabulous for its decentralized process, speed and flexibility that makes it the best platform for token creation. The astounding features of the BEP-20 token are the following.

What We Provide
Completely Decentralized Solutions
Interoperable with other frameworks
POS & DPOS supported

Cryptocurrency Development.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency or digital payment system which is designed for an exchange which is independent of centralized authorities for transaction verification like a bank. These digital currencies are backed by a decentralized system called blockchain and managed through the advanced encryption technique called cryptography.Security Tokenizer, an avant-grade cryptocurrency development company with hands-on experience in offering robust cryptocurrency development solutions using immutable blockchain technology comes with the following services

What We Provide
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Stable coin Development
Altcoin Development
Token Development Services.

We Create Variety Of Tokens On Any Blockchain

Ethereum Token Development
Enrich your blockchain application by creating ethereum tokens on various ethereum token standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-223, ERC-1155, ERC-1400, and more.
Tron Token Development
Create TRON tokens for the enrichment of any blockchain dApps on TRON's Most recommendable token standards TRC-10,TRC-20 and TRC-721
Security Token Development
SecurityTokenizer fortifies the legal fundraising through Tier-1 security token development services. We create security tokens with tailored smart contracts and customized blockchain.
Utility Token Development
We create utility tokens on any existing blockchain for industrial use cases like supply chain automation, decentralized applications, fundraising like ico, or for any other blockchain application.
Altcoin Token Development
We provide cutting-edge altcoin development services to create your own altcoin like ethereum, ripple, or any other crypto’s by creating and implementing tailored smart contracts on a custom blockchain.
Asset Token Development
Tokenize and tag a legal security for real word assets with our intuitive asset tokenization services. We extend our asset tokenization for various industries like real-estate, illiquid assets, Venture capital, Goods and more.
Token Development Standards We Work For.

Choose a Token Standard. Make Your Token a Standard.

  • ERC-20
  • ERC -223
  • ERC-720/721
  • ERC - 777
  • ERC -998
  • ERC-1155
  • TRC-10
  • TRC-20
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20
  • BEP-721
Token Development Process.

Decide | Design | Develop

Make Industries Smarter With Tokens

We Transform More than 12+ Industries Through Tokenization

Real Estate
Virtual Games
Arts & Music
Supply Chain & Logistics
Crypto Trading
Energy & Electricity
What Comes as Add-on?

We Work Beyond Token Development

Liquidity Provision and Market Making.

Development and Market Making are the two important phases of a successful token. At securitytokenizer, we provide marketing solutions for any kind of tokens like ICO, STO, Defi, and NFT tokens. Our experts can make your token stronger with high liquidity and maximum circulation inside the crypto market. We could execute compatible, strategic, 360-degree market-making solutions for your tokens.

Market Making
Maximum distribution
Community Marketing
Smart Contract Development.

Transform your business with smart contracts development and win big in goals of security and transparency which ensure for the high level trust in the execution of business agreements with cryptographic functions. We enable blockchain powered smart contract development service to reap maximum benefits from our expertise and deploy smart contracts with automation.

Digital Smart Contract Architecture
Smart Contract Design and Development
Smart Contracts Optimization
Smart Contract for Decentralized Applications.
Token Wallet Development

Token wallet development services of security tokenizer comes with both hardware wallet and cold wallet which prompts for the asset's self monitoring even in the lack of automated data connectivity. Our token wallet development services assure security ensurement with two factor authentication, generating new public keys for every transaction, QR code scanner and timely session logout. Our token wallet development extended to

Mobile Wallet Development
Web Wallet Development
Desktop Wallet Development
Hardware Wallet Development
Paper Wallet Development
White Paper Creation.

Entitle your brand as an expert in a specific field with white paper creation of Security Tokenizer which boosts your credibility and demonstrates leadership. Our white paper creation services connect the complete process, from planning to disclosure, we communicate your vision effectively to your potential investors. We empower your brand by our white paper creation with distinct focus on layout, graphics, generating competent and on-brand content

Proper Documentation
Expand the brand identity
Attract Accredited investors
Token Development and Issuance Platforms We Work.

We are Expertise in More than 10+ Blockchain Technologies

Technology Stack.

Perfect Tech Stack For Perfect Tokens.

React JS
Angular JS
Node JS
Frequently Asked Questions.

Know More About us Through FAQs.

+1. What is a token? What is Coin? Diff between coin & token

Many people confuse the terms between coin & Token and think coin & token are the same. A coin that has its own blockchain while the token developed on an existing blockchain

+2.How to get your own token or coin?

Please make sure to have your own business plan with you and will help you out to build your own Crypto- Coin or Crypto tokens.

Our Business team will guide you in terms of Technical & latest technologies aspects.

+3.What is the cost for token/ Coin creation?

Reach out to our business team to get more details and accurate costs.

+4.What can I do with created tokens?

Tokens can be used as a currency, shares in a company, proof of ownership, for ICOs, access to a DAPP, voting, charity, as points in a loyalty program, etc.

+5.Who owns generated tokens?

After you create your tokens, you are the owner of them, You can send them, burn them or stake them

+6.Is your cryptocurrency token development services safe?

Since we pursue transparency, acquiring token development services from security tokenizers remains safe, secure, reliable and confidential.

+7.What is Your Token Development Services Comprise?

Our token development services comprise the following

  • Token Creation
  • Token Wallet Development
  • Token Migration
  • Token Listing
  • Token Marketing

+8.Which Token Standards Come Under Your Token Development Services?

Our token development services come with the following token standards.

  • Ethereum Token Development
  • TRON Token Development
  • Binance Smart Chain Token Development

+9.How Do I Clarify Token Related Questions Or Issues I’m Encountering After Availing Your Service?

You can contact us anytime through call or talk to. Our business development executive will reach you shortly.

+10.Do You Provide Post-Token Development Services?

Yes, gratifying your requirements is our main concern. We support you for anything at any time.