Solsea Clone Script - Create NFT Marketplace Like Solsea On Solana

Solsea Clone Script - Create NFT Marketplace Like Solsea On Solana

Solsea clone script is the precise NFT Marketplace script that is developed to use the admirable functions and features of the popular NFT marketplace solsea. In short, this NFT marketplace script gives the precise user interactions and experience as Solsea and encourages NFT listing, selling and buying NFTs. On the other hand, this script comes with the capability of a metaverse which lets users get access to the virtual lands. 
Security Tokenizer, the leading NFT Marketplace Development Company develops the NFT marketplace on several blockchain networks like Binance smart chain, polygon, Solana, Ethereum and so on. 

Why NFT Marketplace Like Solsea?

Solsea is the early NFT Marketplace developed on Solana by All-art protocols that encourages even more embedded license, Rarity, FTX-pay, etc

The chief reason behind the warm welcome of solsea is the Solana blockchain. An emerging blockchain delivering new projects day by day that also added weightage to Solsea.

Besides, Solsea not only build as a NFT marketplace but also upholds several unique features and functionalities like 

  • Creation of collections

  • Launchpad

  • Bulk of NFT Minting

  • FTX - Pay Integration

  • NFTs with embedded license

How To Create A NFT Marketplace Like Solsea?

Security Tokenizer the best Solana NFT Marketplace Development Company will develop your NFT marketplace with all the desired features you need to launch. We provide two decisive ways to launch your Solsea like NFT marketplace. 

  • Developing Solsea like NFT Marketplace from the scratch

  • Delivering white label solsea clone script

Developing a NFT marketplace like solsea from the scratch lets users add their unique features to deliver an astounding experience whereas fixing for Solsea Clone script leads to the instant launch of NFT marketplace as like solsea. We are apt for both as per our clients' requirements.

Beginning the NFT marketplace development from the scratch will come as per the clients’ requisites. Now, let us discuss in detail about our solsea clone script.

Specifications Of Our Solsea Clone Script

Type of the script : NFT Marketplace Script
Blockchain type: Solana (Customizable)
Version: Newly updated
Supported tokens: Native token development 
API: Supports all prime APIs

Features Of Solsea Clone Script

The following are the features of solsea clone script

NFT Minting: Easy and instant NFT minting with diminished cost as well as letting users upload metaverse NFT directly.

Multiple currencies support: For a better experience, solsea supports several currencies like SRM, USDC, SRM and so on.

Licensed NFT: This feature let creators embed license for their appropriate NFTs

NFT 3D View: This feature let users view NFT in the 3D format

Calendar: Integrated calendar option furnishes persuasive tracking that lets users track the price of NFT.

Rarity index: The NFTs characteristics are sorted in a certain order and determine the rarity index.

Public/private listing: Private listing authorizes selling of P2P NFTs and public listing lets anyone examine the listed NFTs.

Collections creation on-chain: This feature lets creators to mint NFTs and stored on collections

Order book: This is designed for individual NFTs

Serum swap: this feature is to support the adoption of cross-currency payments.

Benefits of Solsea Clone Script

The following are the benefits of solsea clone script

  • Diminished transaction and minting fees

  • Holds long term scope with solana

  • Super Fast Transaction Speed

  • Customization

  • High ROI

Working Of Solsea Clone Script

Our solsea clone script works precisely as solsea

  • Users have to create solsea account

  • Integrate NFT Wallet with the account.

  • Creators are permitted to mint NFT both individually & bulk

  • After the verification of minted NFT, it is listed in the marketplace

  • Collectors can purchase the listed nfts with the creators’ labelled price

  • The collectors can sell the NFTs whenever they want.

Why Security Tokenizer For Solsea Clone Script?

Security Tokenizer, the leading Token Development Company as well as the Cryptocurrency Development Company specializes in providing NFT solutions on several domains like sports, music, art, gaming, real estate and so on. Being a pioneer in the industry, we are having hands-on experience on many NFT projects and let our clients accomplish their desires. Our stunning NFT marketplace clone scripts are the following.

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