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In this digital era, several tech enthusiasts have stepped into the world of Cryptocurrency. Due to the entry of vast traders into the crypto market, Token Launcher has emerged with an idea of offering the entrepreneurs a platform with easy steps and effortless accessible functionalities to create their own crypto tokens. Now let us have an overview about the Token Launcher and the facilities offered by our Token Launcher Clone Model.

What is The Token Launcher?

The Token Launcher is a platform that helps you create your own Ethereum token using simple steps. Using this platform, you can build your token with several functionalities like having an in-built smart contract and customizable wallet solutions etc. This platform is mainly designed with a customer-centric user interface in order to make it easy for anyone to create a token even with a limited knowledge about the crypto tokens. Due to its high-end cryptography model, the users data and the transaction history is highly secured in this platform.

How Does The Token Launcher Works?

The Token Launcher makes it easy for the user to create an Ethereum token that meets their business requirements by following the below mentioned 7 simple steps. 

Token Name - Here, the first thing to do is to name your token.

Package - The overall value of the project can be modified based on its value on the crowdsale. While creating the token, the user can also add a description for the token which can improve the the tokens crowdsale. 

Supply - The user can decide the total supply of tokens based on their requirements before launching.

Decimal - Generally, Ethereum has about 18 decimal value. Based on the user’s need, the decimal value can be decided, which shouldn't exceed 4 decimals.

Type - Any type of currency can be fixed here.

Token Symbol - The symbol of the token can be designed and updated here as per the user's wish.

Create ETH Address - In this platform, the address of the tokens created will be automatically updated using the MetaMask. 

Benefits of Using Token Launcher:


  1. The main advantage of creating a token using The Token Launcher is that, while creating tokens, the smart contracts are built automatically along with the token. Thus ensures the safety of the assets.

  2. It offers a free wallet solution where the assets can be stored securely. This wallet services can be used in any form like desktop wallet, hardware wallet, mobile wallet etc.

TheToken Launcher Clone Model

As a leading token development company, Security Tokenizer offers an effective Ethereum token generator platform like TheToken Launcher. Using our Token Launcher Clone, you can create a token generator platform where any one can create their own Ethereum token along with a smart contract. 

Benefits of Our Token Launcher Clone

Below mentioned are some of the beneficial features that our Token Launcher Clone offers you.

Highly Secured Platform 

Our Token Launcher Clone is 100% software based platform built on the smart contract. Thus makes it less prone to cyber attacks.

Web Wallet Solution

Our Token Launcher Clone offers an inbuilt wallet solution through which you can keep track of token balance, token address etc. Using our wallet solution, you can easily transfer tokens to others.


Our clone model avails the integration of MetaMask which equips you with a secure login to your token wallet which guarantees safety.

Smart Contracts

The whole token creation process using our clone model is completely secured, since it is programmed by smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain.

ICO Marketing

If your users plan to implement the process of ICO for their tokens, then they can avail our effective ICO marketing strategies to make their coin reach its investors.

Token Manager

Our Token Launcher Clone provides you a dashboard service called Token Manager which will help you manage your tokens by burning or transferring them.


Create Token Generator Platform Like The Token Launcher

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