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BEP721 Token Development Company

Security Tokenizer, a leading BEP721 Token Development Company provides the best BEP token development services and solutions to enhance your crypto tokens like BEP721 as well as BEP20, and BEP1155 on Binace Smart Chain Network with SmartContract. The term BEP721 is the Binance smart chain of version 721 which is the fabulous token in the BSC.

Create BEP721 Token!

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance smart chain(BSC) is a latest blockchain network of Binance that enables the execution of smart contract based applications. BSC runs in parallel with its associate Binance chain(BC), former blockchain network of Binance. With working together, BSC and BC allow its users to obtain the best of both, high transaction capability of Binance Chain as well as BSC’s smart contract functionalities. With utilizing BSC, anyone can develop and launch their crypto tokens in ease.

Benefits of Preferring Binance Smart Chain(BSC Network)

  • Transaction process done in Binance smart chain is much faster while compared to other blockchain networks.

  • It is highly scalable and independent which means even if Binance Chain stops operating, BSC will continue to function.

  • Anyone can easily build, deploy smart contracts & tokens without difficulties in BSC. 

BEP-721 is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token standard that chiefly let to create the NFT (Non Fungible Tokens). BEP-721 is an extension of Ethereum’s ERC-721 which is the commonly used NFT standards and is consistent with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Each NFT is unique and is not interchanged with any other token.

BEP-721 tokens permit you for the data ownership tokenization and attach to it a unique identifier which is the major difference in this token while in comparison with BEP-20 tokens. In BEP-20, With single smart contract, developers can develop multiple identical tokens, whereas in BEP-721, each token is assigned a different token ID.

With these unique IDs, BEP-721 tokens can be utilized to produce non-fungible and collectible items. As per the market value, users can trade and transfer these tokens that rely on the rarity or utility of the token.
BEP-721 tokens can represent:

  • Digital and physical art

  • Collectibles

  • Gaming Items 

  • Real-estate and Phys

  • Lottery tickets

BEP 721 Token Functions

BEP 721 has several functions that need to be defined. Such are quite similar to BEP 20. 

They are: 

  • Name, to signify the token

  • Symbol, a short form of the token

  • Balance gives the balance of tokens integrated to a certain address 

  • Total supply, that symbolizes the number of created tokens

Besides, some ownership functions can be added as per the preference. A unique function for NFT is to include metadata into the token integrated to the collectible which is fulfilled through the Metadata function of a token.

Now your mind knocks you to know what Token Metadata is. Right? Here is the solution.

TokenMetadata: This function lets for the inclusion of metadata into a token designed to link to an artwork file or another collectible aspect of the NFT. 

How to Create a BEP-721 Token? 

In order to launch your own BEP-721 token in the binance smart chain, you just need to stick with a reputed token development company. This is because, before getting into the development process, there is a lot to sort out and conclude several factors like languages, platform, type of token, symbol, supply etc. With the help of a leading token development company like Security tokenizer, you can fix all your needs and futurize what your token needs to be.

Go through the basic details of a token that you can create

Token Owner 

Every token will have an owner. The owner will have the power to mint new tokens and also will have the authority to stop minting the tokens.

Capped Tokens 

Initially, the number of tokens should be specified i.e limit to create tokens. Once that number is reached, the minting process will not be placed.

Mintable Tokens

Mintable is nothing but minting the tokens which you require to generate. Until the capped number, you can mint the tokens.

Burnable Tokens

This is the process of destroying the tokens. These types of tokens can be burnt if you require to minimize the count of your token in the market.

Black-listing of tokens 

Tokens will also be black-listed. If the tokens or the site generating these tokens looks malicious, then the token can be black-listed. 

As a result, BEP721 tokens will circulate in the blockchain industry in huge numbers, and investing in it will never take you down.

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