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Battle Infinity Clone Script

Battle Infinity Clone Script is a pre-made, multi-tested, and bug-free clone script to develop a gaming platform like Battle Infinity for enthusiastic players. This clone script operates on Binance smart chain networks. Security Tokenizer [provides a feature-packed Battle Infinity clone script that enables players and creators to direct ownership of their in-game goods in a completely open and impenetrable ecosystem.

Features of Our Battle Infinity Clone Script

Security Tokenizer is the best Whitelable NFT Marketplace Development Company that offers Battle Infinity Clone Script with advanced web3 features, techniques, and many technologies to the clients. Here are some of the Stunning Features of the Battle Infinity clone script,

  • NFT passes are a main component of the game. These are digitally produced NFT passes that are made specifically for each user and give them access to Leagues and Games.

  • The budget establishes the maximum sum that a user may invest in building their team. A user pays the layer valuation to purchase a player. The entire sum spent on players to assemble a team is known as team evaluation.

  • The NFTs utilized in the game can all be traded. Each user has access to our Battle  Infinity Crypto Market, where they may trade their whitelisted NFT passes and take advantage of liquidity for automatic trading.

How Does the Battle Infinity Clone Script Get Benefited other Fantasy Sports?


All newly minted NFTs are tradeable in our ecosystem, allowing all users to buy or sell NFTs with ease. This is one of the benefit also in our Battle Infinity NFT Game.


The biggest issue that comes up when discussing APPS using NFT and blockchain is the scalability issue, which is why we are leveraging the Binance smart chain Network to mint NFTS to address it. In addition to this, we have provided tokenized forms of user rewards that are even tradable and user-friendly so that even someone with no prior knowledge of blockchain technology or NFT may readily utilize our platform. These factors all work together to make it widely scalable.

Tokenized reward mechanism

One of the distinctive ways to offer rewards to the winning user is in tokenized form.

User-friendly NFT with immense blockchain experience

Battle Infinity clone script is developing a user-friendly worldwide platform that is suitable for the mass market and customers of all types, including blockchain newbies as well as seasoned P2E and metaverse players. Our Battle Infinity price is also affordable to our clients this is one of the benefits to our clients.

Category-based team formation

We have three team formation categories: GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE, which increases the scalability and usability of our platform for all kinds of users.

IBAT- Heart of Battle Infinity ecosystem

  • IBAT token effectively breaks down any barriers between conventional gaming and the metaverse/blockchain.

  • The IBAT TOKEN's conception and execution remove obstacles to usability and produce a seamless, productive user experience.

  • It is a utility token that utilizes the BEP-20 technology and runs on the Binance Smart Chain network. It serves as the gaming platform's value store for characters, objects, and other assets.

List of IBAT Products

We have an excellent team who developed the Battle Infinity Clone Script with advanced features and benefits similar to Battle Infinity Game. IBAT products are listed below,

#Battle Swap

Battle swap is the DEX platform (decentralized exchange) where players can buy and sell Battle infinity's native token as well as other crypto assets. The DEX is connected with other components of the IBAT ecosystem for a more convenient and hassle-free gaming experience.

 #Battle Market

IBAT users can access in-game items like avatars and weapons through this NFT marketplace that uses smart contracts to tokenize them. The value of in-game objects varies based on their rarity.

There are two segments in the Battle market. The first segment enables artists to mint, buy, sell and promote their work in the IBAT's Battle arena on billboards and lands. In the second segment, players can purchase, improve, and sell their virtual characters, games, lands, and other goods.

#Battle Games and Arena

A variety of NFT-based Play-to-Earn games are available to gamers through the multiplayer gaming store known as Battle games. The games provide players the chance to create and control fictional teams based on actual sports including cricket, basketball, football, hockey, kabaddi, and tennis to compete with other team managers and get rewards. The rewards that winning team managers receive for their efforts and they can be sold in the battle market.

Players can explore the metaverse and communicate with other players in real-time through the IBAT Battle Arena. This is achievable as a result of the fact that every Battle Arena is represented by a distinct tokenized avatar that may be upgraded via the Battle market. Clothes and hair are a few of the improvements.

#Battle Staking   

Users can increase their rewards for depositing and locking their holdings using this platform for staking on Battle infinity. Stakeholders can compete with one another using the Battle staking method to achieve higher annual percentage yields. On Battle Infinity, staking can be done in three different ways: Solo, pair, and crates.

  • First, players must stake their IBAT tokens directly for high APY.

  • Second, players must combine IBAT tokens with any other supported token to earn interest.

  • Third, users must buy NFT crates from the Battle market and then unlock them with a corresponding NFT key.

#IBAT Premier League   

IBAT premier league is a special tournament that enables users to create and manage virtual teams and compete against other teams. Players must obtain an NFT pass to enter the league. The team manager receives a budget to assemble their team by recruiting real-world athletes after receiving an NFT pass. The value of players is determined by how well they perform in actual situations.

What is Battle infinity?

A gaming platform called Battle Infinity offers a selection of P2P combat games that are linked to the "Battle Arena" metaverse realm. Gamers can experience the full metaverse universe in the Battle Infinity world for playing and fighting. You can engage in virtual world activities including performing, watching, exploring, and more in the Battle Arena.

Battle infinity games combine gaming with the metaverse and blockchain to create a completely decentralized experience that allows players and creators direct ownership of their in-game goods in a completely open and impenetrable ecosystem. Battle infinity game is for providing a safe and infinite immersive experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Battle Infinity Clone Script?

Security Tokenizer is the best Metaverse Gaming Development Company that offers the best gaming platforms like Battle Infinity and many more to clients around the world. We have well-experienced developers who developed the Battle Infinity Clone Script, Battle Infinity Clone App, Battle Infinity Crypto Game, and Battle Infinity Clone in a short period of time.

Our Battle Infinity Clone is reasonably priced for our customers. We are happy to say we have 50+ happy clients who are 100% satisfied with our Battle Infinity price and who are suggesting our services and solutions to other business people because of our Battle Infinity cost and Battle Infinity clone brand in the market.

Why Security Tokenizer for Battle Infinity Clone Script?

Security Tokenizer is the top-notch NFT Gaming Development Company that provides services for Battle Infinity Clone scripts like Battle Infinity with high-end security features. We have 50 + skilled developers who have deep knowledge of game development. We meet the business needs of our clients by providing our services on time at a reasonable price. we have 50+ battle infinity clone clients around the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, France, Russia, China, Australia, and more.

We also provide many NFT Game Clone Scripts with the latest features, benefits, and web3 technologies on various blockchains such as Binance, Hedera, Tron, Ethereum, and many more. 

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