Zed Run Clone Script - Create Your Own NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run

Zed Run Clone Script - Create Your Own NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run

Zed Run Clone Script

A ready-made NFT Gaming Marketplace Script that allows anyone to launch their own NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run. Zed Run Clone Script is an absolutely customizable & wholly tested NFT Marketplace website Script integrated with all the features and plugins similar to Zed Run that furnish users with a stunning digital horse racing experience. The Zed Run Clone script of Security Tokenizer comprises the features such as racing, breeding, several attributes, classes, coats and so on to discriminate the horses that are backed up with NFTs. 

Planning to launch your own Zed Run like  digital horse gaming? Launch it instantly with the best Zed Run Clone Script of Security Tokenizer. 


Zed Run - Overview

An NFT based Horse breeding gaming ecosystem that lets you take part in breeding race horses & make new offsprings. Zed Run comprise of four bloodlines 


  • Nakamoto

  • Szabo

  • Finney 

  • Buterin.

How To Use The Zed Run Platform ?

Here are the stepwise procedure to use Zed Run Platform

Step 1: Create your unique metamask wallet 
Step 2: Transfer the ETH to MetaMask
Step 3: Create your own Zed Run account
Step 4: Wrap your ETH
Step 5: Purchase Zed Run Platform’s horse

Select the Horse as per its attributes like bloodline, genotype, and coat color which makes them unique and can influence specific horses’ performance and future offsprings.

Essential Things To Participate On Zed Run Breeding

You must need the below-mentioned things to participate in the Zed Run horse racing platform and make new offspring. 


  • You should be the stable owner

  • You have at least one racehorse on any gender

  • Your Zed Run wallet has sufficient WETH

Business Benefits Of Launching Zed Run Like Horse Game 

Hope, you are clear about the Zed Run platform, its benefits, working and more. Are you a person thinking ahead, then why still a player in ZedRun? Launch your own Zed Run like Digital Horse Gaming platform

  • Fewer Capital Investment

  • Rapid Acceptance of Market 

  • Quick User Gaining

  • Massive ROI 

  • Most Preferable Business Idea 

Ready To Launch Your Own NFT Based Horse Racing Platform Like Zed Run?

Are you seeking the best solutions to launch your own digital horse racing platform like Zed Run? Avail the best Zed Run clone script from the leading Token Development Company, Security Tokenizer and launch your NFT gaming business.

Security Tokenizer’s Zed Run Clone Script

Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
Platform Type: Digital Horse Racing
Version Update: Zed Run Clone Script V1 (Updated in 2021)
Blockchain Network: Polygon/Matic (Customizable)
Special Features: Breeding & Racing and also based on your requirements.

Why Zed Run Clone Script?

Here are the reasons to go with Zed Run Clone. 

  • Immediate launch

  • Required limited technical support

  • Rapid reach in the market

  • Quick brand identity 

  • Completely customizable

Specialties Of Our Zed Run Clone Script


  • Distinct stages of classes

  • Decentralized lending

  • Lets to create own race

  • Able to fix tournaments

  • Scheduled racing

  • Diminished gas fee

  • Referral dashboard for stable owners

  • Supports hardware wallets

  • Automatic racing

  • 3D racing

  • Races bet option

  • Matic Breeding & Purchasing

Features of Our Zed Run Clone Script


Your launched gaming platform using our Zed Run Clone Script lets you purchase your first Zed horse and participate in the game known as racing. To point out, there are several classes as well as paid races to make the gaming more interesting.

NFT Marketplace

This feature lets users buy, sell, exchange and transfer non-fungible tokens(NFTs) through playing instore gaming. To mention, NFTs are the rewards of the game in those NFT Gaming Platforms like Zed Run. 


The feature allows us to create a future for NFT horse racing on the platform. Being an intrinsic part of the Zed Run Clone Platform, Genesis horses and genotypes play a significant role in breeding


Our NFT based gaming platform has come with several attributes for horses like gender, bloodline, coat, genotype and much more. These attributes make the horses unique and the performance of future offspring as well.

Other Features of Our Zed Rn Clone Script

  • Social login authentication

  • Custom races

  • Race notification

  • Betting

  • Referral programs

  • Seasons

  • Finance dashboard

  • Battle pass and much more

Why Security Tokenizer For Your Zed Run Clone Development?

Being a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, Security Tokenizer furnishes the best and hassle-free Zed Run Clone Script to launch your own NFT Gaming Marketplace like Zed Run. Here are the reasons why we are the best.


  • A cluster of NFT experts

  • Uninterruptible technical support

  • Instant solutions for NFT marketplace clone

  • Completely tested and bug free clone solutions

  • Customizable script with sophisticated trading and swapping plugins

  • Several technology stack for NFT gaming marketplace

  • Agile methodologies for on-time delivery

Acquire the hassle-free Zed Run Clone Script & Launch Your Own Digital Horse Racing NFT Marketplace


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