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How to Build a Multifunctional Fractionalized NFT?

NFTs are a big hit right now and will continue to grow bigger in the upcoming years too. This has greatly attracted many entrepreneurs across various industries to invest in the NFT sector. However, some collections will be really valuable and thereby making it expensive to own a single NFT. Fractionalization comes as a perfect solution to this barrier. i.e NFTs can be broken into smaller fractions in order to make them more available to the masses which is known as Fractionalized NFTs. The popularity of multi-functional fractionalized NFTs is increasing these days and if you are keenly interested in knowing more about these NFTs, then this blog is totally for you

In this blog you will know about fractionalized NFTs, their real-world use cases; the process involved in creating fractionalized NFTs; how they help businesses; and some popular fractionalized NFTs.

Let's delve into the topics without no further delay. To start with you should actually know

What is a Fractionalized NFT? 

To say it in simpler terms Fractional NFT is an NFT divided into smaller fractions and this enables many people to claim ownership of a piece of the same NFT. The fractional tokens will give a percentage of ownership of NFT to each token holder and those tokens can be exchanged or traded on the secondary markets.

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Are Fractionalized NFTs Important? 

To make you understand the key role of fractionalized NFTs in the NFT market, I will list down some astonishing benefits of fractional NFTs

  • Minimizes the risks associated with the NFT investment

  • Paves the way for creators to reap the benefits of getting great exposure in a highly liquid fractionalized NFT market

  • Ability to determine the best price of NFT depending on the market demand

  • Opens the door for a broad range of interested buyers to purchase a share of their desired NFTs without any troubles

What do you need to know about the NFT Fractionalization Process? 

NFT is just a token that utilizes the Ethereum ERC-721 standard whereas the ERC-20 standard is used to create altcoins and other homogenized tokens. The fractionalization process involves the generation of multiple fungible tokens (ERC-20) from a single non-fungible (ERC-721) token. This can be done by deploying a smart contract with all key instructions. So, anyone holding an ERC-20 token will be owning the related NFT partially. The owner of the NFT will take all main decisions right from deciding the number of ERC-20 tokens to be created to fixing the price of the token. When the owner of the NFT sells it, the ERC-20 token holders can repossess their tokens for their share of money got from the sale.

I hope you will be now clear about the NFT fractionalization process. Now you may have a question, Whether the NFTs can be restored after being fractionalized or not? NFT fractionalization is a reversible process and so the fractionalized NFTs can be put back together to get the whole NFT again.

Let us now see some top fractionalized NFTs that are available in the market currently

Top Trending Fractionalized NFTs 


They are very popular and at the same time, they are very expensive NFTs available in the market. At present, 50 crypto punks exist in the Fractionalized form and around 250,000 million ERC-20 tokens are developed from them which were then sold for the US $0.05 per unit

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Grimes's NFT Art Pieces

The brand-new creations of Grimes such as Newborn 1 and 3 have been Fractionalized on the NFT marketplace, Otis.  A recent survey also states that she has earned around $6 million from her artwork

Similarly, some of the other notable Fractionalized NFTs are Doge meme tokens and Mutant cats.

Real-world use cases of Multifunctional Fractionalized NFTs

Metaverse and Fractionalized NFTs

In the coming years, huge investments are expected in metaverse-related projects. Companies like Sandbox and Decentraland have already made invasions into this domain. Fractionalized NFTs can be utilized to enable groups of investors, individuals, and conglomerates to join and purchase virtual land and other digital assets in the virtual world

Gaming and Fractionalized NFTs

Play-to-earn games enable users to sell, purchase, and own different in-game items some of which may be NFTs. These games can use Fractionalized NFTs to allow players to join together and sell and buy in-game assets by investing in their Fractionalized shares.

Real estate and Fractionalized NFTs

The property purchasing process can be speeded up by the NFTs by replacing intermediaries with smart contracts in order to promote a safe, instant, and simple transfer of ownership. Here the usage of Fractionalized NFTs will enable multiple parties to share the ownership of the property and thereby making the investment in real estate easier and affordable.

Fractionalized NFTs as Collectibles

Collectibles are prized possessions and NFTs have been popular collectibles with a huge market. Buying NFTs as collectibles are made easy by the fractionalized NFTs

Fractionalized NFTs in Art and Music

With fractionalized NFTs, even small investors can make investments in expensive art and creators can reap a profit on the sale of their creations. In addition to the art sector, musicians are utilizing fractionalized NFTs by which they will be able to sell their royalty shares to their fans by providing each one of them the right to get a certain percentage of royalties from the sale of their albums in the future.

You have now understood some remarkable real-world use cases of fractionalized NFTs.

Why choose SecurityTokenizer for NFT Fractionalization? 

From the above sections, you would have understood that Fractionalized NFTs are revolutionary concepts in the constantly evolving NFT world. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to Fractionalize NFTs for your business, then you can approach a renowned NFT Marketplace Development Company like SecurityTokenizer with years of experience in NFT and NFT Marketplace Development. So, approach us and succeed in getting ahead of the fierce competitors in the NFT market.
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