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Are you eager to create your token creation platform like TokenMint? Security Tokenizer is the leading Ethereum Token Development Company, furnishes the best Tokenmint Clone Script to launch your token creation platform as per your business requirements.

TokenMint Clone Script

Tokenmint is a token generator platform that lets users’ to develop their own ERC-based tokens without any coding knowledge, which absolutely lets an easy way to build your ERC20 tokens or Crowdsale contract. Besides,Best ERC20 Token Development Company, Security Tokenizer creating an ICO platform on the Ethereum blockchain networks becomes simple with the token mint generator without any coding knowledge.

What is a Mintable Token?

Mintable tokens are usually known as ERC20 compatible tokens which comprise single built features like new ethereum tokens that can be developed at any time and included to total supply. Whereas Fixed Supply Tokens do not have this pro-level feature, which makes them standard supply tokens.

Minting tokens are developed by generating a transaction that produces a vast amount of new tokens inside of token smart contracts. It develops a call action to a smart contract function that can provoke a limitless number of tokens, without more energy.

Key Terms of Mintable Token Creation

Here are the token creation key terms used in mintable tokens. Through this, the users can easily create an ERC20 Mintable token. The user will attain a separate dashboard for mintable tokens after the token creation which comprises the following.

Web wallet - Through this, it is simple for the users to save their wallet and can send/withdraw

Burn Token - Where users’ can destroy/delete their token easily

End Crowd-sale - This lets the users’ to end their crowd sale when they desire to end.

Dividend - The token created by the users or owners has the ability to set the dividend rate for the users as well as the  tool will display each dividend for the users automatically  as per the token they brought. 

Step by Step Process of Token Mint Creation

Step 1. Create smart contracts using smart contact written code.
Step 2. Connect to Web3 link 
Step 3. Click the connect button on the MetaMask popup window to confirm it
Step 4. Make sure for the minter role in the account you have selected in metamask
Step 5. Set the mint method for the token value and token address.
Step 6. Enter the address of the newly minted tokens In the address field
Step 7. Enter the amount of tokens that you wish to mint in the mint field
Step 8. Click the Write button below.
Step 9. Confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup window.

Working Process of Mintable Token Creation

1. Wallet Installation

You need to do Ethereum wallet installation to create a mintable token which must comprise enough ETH funds that is useful to pay for smart contract deployment service. 

2. Simple Form Submission

After the completion of Ethereum wallet installation, you have to fill the simple and easy form which comprises token creation requirements like token name, token symbol, decimals and total supply as mandatory data. After the completion of this form our blockchain developers will direct you through the rest of the token creation process.

3. Smart Contract Deployment

It is simple to deploy your newly created smart contract in a single Ethereum transaction as an erc20 token creation. The smart contracts are deployed and ready to use, after the completion of ERC20 transactions.

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Why Mintable Tokens in Crowdsales?

Mintable tokens are familiarly utilized in combination with crowd sales; those crowd sales are hugely used to create an ICO. The following mechanisms are used to integrate mintable tokens with crowd sale,

  • ICO makers set up a mintable token contract, furnishing them a Minter role.
  • ICO maker deploys the crowd sale contract
  • ICO maker converts the Minter role to a crowd sale contract since the crowd sale contracts only can mint new tokens.
  • The investors who want to invest on the crowd sale, they have to send ETH to the crowd sale contract. Then contract mints ERC20 tokens with the present costs.
  • When the crowd sale finished, no one could mint more ERC20 tokens. This will assure the investors that no one can dilute their share of token holdings. 

Mintable Token Examples

There are many mintable ERC 20 tokens and listed here are some of the examples.


DAI is a stable coin used in MakerDAO which can be pegged into $1. The users can lock ETH & get back DAI token in MakerDAO. Whenever a ETH is locked in CDP (Collateralized Debt Position), a new DAI is minted by MakerDAO.


Status is a decentralized platform and SNT is its native token which is used for governance of the status clients. These SNT tokens have a cap on total supply with lower circulating supply. New token minting needs the controller's address.


Decentraland is a NFT based virtual gaming platform and MANA is its own token. These MANA tokens are mintable and easily flammable ERC 20 tokens.

Why Security Tokenizer For Token Mint Clone Development?

Security Tokenizer is the leading Token Development Company, provides the best ERC20 token creation service which lets you create ERC20 tokens at an affordable cost. We have delivered the best and reliable crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain standards through combining the essential and security features as per your needs. 

For startups and entrepreneurs who are seeking to start a token creation platform like Tokenmint, We furnish the best token mint clone script to launch your own token creation platform for your business seamlessly.For further discussions, connect with our blockchain experts now!

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