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SecurityTokenizer - Privacy Policy

SecurityTokenizer respects the privacy of the users who visit our website. This Privacy Policy describes our security standards, the type of data collected, and the usage of that information.

For Policy prospects, SecurityTokenizer Website (www.securitytokenizer.io) is mentioned as "SecurityTokenizer" which includes the organization and its administrators.

We have adequate safeguards to secure the user's information and prevent the prohibited disclosure of the user's personal and collected data. SecurityTokenizer does not acquire Personally Identifiable Information about its user unless a user voluntarily transmits that information. We only collect non-personally identifiable information to improve our services.

SecurityTokenizer safeguards our customers' personal information by executing prominent security measures, such as:

Encryption: We protect users' sensitive information with encryption. SecurityTokenizer protects data by making it undecipherable to unauthorized parties.
Firewalls: Our organization has robust software and hardware systems to guard against unauthorized access. It acts as a bridge between a company's internal network and the internet.
Access Controls: We have facilitated access controls to restrict the access of sensitive information of users. It also represents the actions that the users can do with that data.
Risk Assessments: This implicates specifying what threats exist on the website and measures to minimize liability. We assess the potential risks to preserve our client's data.
Regular Security Audits: We will safeguard vital data, pinpoint security loopholes, and devise new security policies. We constantly inspect and test the company's security systems to identify and rectify any susceptibilities.
Data Backup: Clients can save any data they want to conserve as backup data. Information can be reformed in the occurrence of a security breach. We provide stable backup data to handle the workload of the running server.
Compliance: Our organization has all appropriate legal and regulatory necessities and industry standards. We follow ordinances such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.
Employee Training: Our company persuades efforts to stimulate the performance of its employees on security measures. Employee training and development help diminish the threat of accidental data violations.
Acceptance of Policy

By visiting and browsing the SecurityTokenizer website, you become our user and signify your approval of the terms and conditions set within this policy. If there is any policy modification, your subsequent usage will be generated as approval of those changes.

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If you have any queries or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of your information, users can reach SecurityTokenizer via email at talktous@securitytokenizer.io

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