Cryptocurrency Wallet Development - Create Cryptocurrency Wallet Like Trust Wallet, MetaMask & More

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development - Create Cryptocurrency Wallet Like Trust Wallet, MetaMask & More

Wanna create your decentralized web and mobile crypto wallet with the best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company? Well, then dive deep into all about the cryptocurrency wallet development, its features, and functions. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development - A requisite for effective cryptocurrency exchanges i.e the gateway for the safe storage and management of crypto assets. 

Features of Cryptocurrency Wallet

The following are the features of cryptocurrency wallets.

2 Factor Authentication

Including this feature in the wallet leads to a highly secured way of access to a wallet application while proceeding with p2p transactions.

Supports Multiple Coin

This feature lets the traders bring out of maintaining separate wallets for each type of cryptocurrency and delivers high security for all the crypto assets.


This feature secures the wallet with a PIN and password that ensures the wallet’s accessing authority before accessing the wallet account.

Supports Dapp

This feature is to support seamless operation with decentralized applications and assure that the tokens’ security is passed in the dapp network.

Merchant APIs

Developing the wallet app with merchant features results in high user retention since it is concrete with the way of use cases like making cryptos as payment in real life.

Billing & Invoicing

Immediate billing and automated invoice reports furnish you an evidential legal proof for the transaction and assure your crypto transaction is valid.

Hardware Support

This feature in the crypto wallet supports hardware wallets like ledger, trezor, keepkey and nano for transferring cryptos 

Wallet Backup

In case of failure or theft of software, wallet backup can forbid the trader from losing the cryptos, transaction details, account details, PIN and payments.

Push Notification

This feature in the crypto wallet is to send the updated notifications of the market regarding the bitcoin price, market status, transaction details as well as every update of the cryptocurrency industry which makes you get engaged.

Transaction History

This feature lets the trader/user view the entire report of the transaction history which has been done on the wallet as well as furnish a detailed clarity of each transaction.

Impacts of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

No matter what business model rises in industry, the need for crypto wallets is essential and can’t be negotiated. Cryptocurrency wallets are the backbone of the industry which ensures the security of the end users’ digital assets.

Yes, this impact of cryptocurrency wallets has cheered everyone to inaugurate new sorts of business models who are seeking to start a unique cryptocurrency startup. But seeking the right Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company to start their business. For them, We Security Tokenizer is the right choice for you. Proceed further to grab depth about our cryptocurrency wallet development services.

We furnish cryptocurrency wallet development services like desktop wallets, mobile wallet, web wallet and hardware wallet to let out clients to make cryptocurrency wallet services as their business.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

NFT Wallet

We are specialized in developing user-friendly and cross-chain compatible NFT wallets to store your non-fungible assets and crypto collectibles in an absolutely secured manner.

TRON Wallet

To point out, among all sorts of wallets, the TRON wallet is the most preferable wallet by crypto users. Being a leading TRON Token Development Company, we are also specialized in developing TRON wallets with sophisticated security application programming interfaces. 

DeFi Wallet

Through supplying customized private keys, we develop security stuffed DeFI wallets that furnish complete control over trader’s funds to themselves. 

Mobile Wallet

A wallet app that can be penetrated on any mobile device to lead smooth cryptocurrency transactions between the buyer and seller while sending and receiving cryptos.

Web Wallet

A unified wallet application in the exchange results in secure cryptocurrency transactions between the admin and the user. 

Decentralized Wallet

Our decentralized wallet development services furnish peer-to-peer operation between the seller and the receiver to experience seamless crypto transactions without any central authority control. 

Our Crypto Wallet Development Process

Our cryptocurrency wallet development process undergoes the following phases

  • Business and technical analysis

  • Architecture design

  • Wallet interface design

  • Wallet smart contract development

  • Frontend and backend development (if required)

  • Deployment

White Label Crypto Wallet Development

Stand ahead in the intensely competitive industry through availing our high-quality white label crypto wallet solutions. We fulfill our clients' requirements by providing pro-level white label crypto wallet development services. 

What’s Highlight In Our White Label Crypto Wallet Development?


  • Multi-signature support

  • Password-protected access

  • Optional session logout

  • Biometric authentication

Benefits of Acquiring Our Crypto Wallet Development


  • High security and encryption

  • Easy transfer and low fees

  • Stability and integrity

  • Ease of use

Technologies Behind Our Crypto Wallet Development Solutions


  • Python/Django

  • Web3.js

  • Node.js

  • Ethereum

Why Security Tokenizer For Your Crypto Wallet Development?

Being a leading Token Development Company as well as the Cryptocurrency Development Company, we are specialized in satisfying our clients by letting them deserve our services as per their desire. We stand ahead in the industry for the following factors.


  • End-to-end white label solutions

  • Custodial and non-custodial assets

  • User required service

  • Timely delivery

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