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Coin Listing Services

Coin listing is the operation of adding a newly built crypto coin to an exchange platform. Security Tokenizer is the best Coin Listing Service Company that helps you list your crypto coins on many cryptocurrency exchange platforms and other platforms as well. Once your cryptocurrency is listed on the coin listing sites, it will be easily accessible for purchase and sale. Our cryptocurrency exchange listing agency helps list your crypto coin on the major exchange platforms. Also, support for new coin listing services will offer a wide range of exposure for your business activities in the market.Looking for a place to list your Crypto Coin? We at Security Tokenizer help you get listed in the top Coin listing platforms. Get your crypto coins listed on top exchange sites!

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Benefits of our Coin Listing Services

We list out some benefits of our Cryptocurrency listing services.

Top Exchange Platform Submissions

We provide your cryptocurrency or coin with enormous permitting availability on more than 150+ top exchanges platforms around the world. 

Zero Commission Listing

We help you list your newly created crypto coin, and we don't charge a commission fee for it. We assist in listing your coin with your budgetable cost. 

Flawless Listing

We 100% assure you that we will list your coin on the best and most hassle-free exchange. 

Our Exclusive Coin Listing Services


Your newly launched coin will get attention via our exchange listing services, and it will get a lot of visibility around the multiple exchanges. 


We do research on the technical requirements of crypto exchanges and give them all the documents and work needed for listing your cryptocurrency or coin on their exchange. 

Coin Audit Certificate

Based on the needs of the exchanges, we audit the newly developed coins and ensure that the audit certificates characterising the crypto coin to be listed are secure from susceptibility.

How to List your Crypto Coin?

Before Coin Listing We needs some Basic information for your Coin.Follow the below Steps .

  • Coin Name: The name of the crypto coin being listed

  • Symbol:  the symbol on trading and exchange platforms is used to represent the cryptocurrency.

  • Market Cap: The complete market price of the cryptocurrency, calculated by increasing its circulating amount by its current value.

  • Price: The cryptocurrency's current price is frequently listed in many currencies like EUR, BTC, USD, etc.

  • Trading Volume: Trade for the cryptocurrency's total amount on all exchanges in the last 24 hours. 

  • Circulating Supply: count of all coins currently in circulation

  • Total Supply: The maximum number of crypto coins will be created.

  • Maximum Supply: the remaining maximum number of coins.

  • Change (24 h): In the cryptocurrency's total price and its changes in racio over the last 24 hours.

  • Price Chart: All the times cryptocurrency's price has changed, the changed price is shown on the price chart. 

  • Trading Pair: Cryptocurrency can be traded against a trade-based cryptocurrency or crypto coin. 

  • Exchange(s): Where the cryptocurrency is listed and accessible for trading on a list of exchanges. 

  • Description: The description is clearly written about the summary of the cryptocurrency and its purpose.

How To List Your Cryptocoin On Exchanges and Other Listing Sites?

Do you want to list your crypto coin on an exchange? You have to take some steps to have a successful business. The steps are listed below: 

1. Analyse and choose the Correct Exchanges:

In recent days, there have been many exchanges available, so you must select the right and best exchange to list your coin. This is the most important one. You must select the best exchange because it gives you a huge user base, attracts your target audience, and builds a reputation for your business. Consider the trading volume, listing fees, marketing, and the exchange's regulations and policies.  

2. Ready to meet the Exchange's Requirements :

You have to prepare to meet the exchange's set requirements for listing your crypto coin in the exchanges. The exchange's requirements such as having some amount of Trading Volume, fulfil certain security standards, and having maximum level of community support. You have to have the documentation, information ready to fulfil the exchange's requirements and this is necessary for listing your coin in exchange. 

3. Build a Strong Community

Most of the exchanges are mostly focused on community support and engagements when listing a crypto coin. You have to build strong community support for your coin via forums, social media, and other channels. This will help to list your crypto coin on exchange. 

4. Be Consistent & Patient

The process for listing your coin on an exchange will vary depending on the exchange. Some exchanges will list your coin, and some will take some time. You have to wait some time until the listing of your coin is done. You have to respond to the exchange's requirements for listing. 

There are many popular exchange listing sites and many other listing sites around the market. You want to list your coin in top listing sites and you have to follow exchange listing requirements and other listing requirements. Security Tokenizer helps to list your coin on top listing sites with affordable cost. 

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges We can list your Coins

We support you to list the top following crypto exchanges listing sites :

  • Coinstore

  • Koinpark - Secure Platform

  • KuCoin     

  • Bybit 

  • BitMart

  • And More

New Coin Listing:

Security Tokenizer helps to list the existing and new coin listing services for worldwide crypto users. If you create a new coin for your business we can help to list your coin in the top listing sites around the world at an affordable cost. 

Why Choose a Security Tokenizer for Coin Listing Services?

Security Tokenizer is the best Cryptocurrency Development Company as well as Coin Listing Services Company that offers coin listing services around the world, such as in the United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines, Netherlands, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and more. We help you list your coin on many top listing sites to reach your target audience, generating huge income for your business. We help to list your crypto coin on listing sites like exchange listing sites, DeFi listing sites, NFT listing sites, and etc. Our clients are happy to list their coins with our help, because we offer more than 150+ popular listing services, new coin listing services, and zero commission fees at an affordable cost.We are the Top-Notch Token Development Company also Experts in Token Listing Services so you can list your Token and Coin on top listing sites with our advanced listing Services

List your Crypto Coin With our Exclusive listing Services

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