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STEPN Clone Script

STEPN Clone Script is a market-ready Web3 lifestyle app script that inherits all the features and functionalities similar to the STEPN application. Security Tokenizer is a pre-eminent Web3 Development Company that provides all Web3-related services and develops STEPN clone solutions. Users are rewarded for their activities like walking, jogging, and running while using our STEPN clone application. We create M2E applications with the latest tech stacks and reward systems in order to generate high ROI.

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STEPN Clone App     

The STEPN clone app is an imitation of the web3 fitness lifestyle app that encloses entertaining gaming elements, social-fi, and game-fi elements. By utilizing the STEPN clone app, users can gain game coins as a reward. Users of this app are equipped with NFT shoes and are motivated to jog, walk or run outside. By doing so, users can gain a reward that can be spent later to improve and create new shoes.

Security Tokenizer is a Leading Crypto Token Development Company as well as move-to-earn solution provider that delivers a broad range of services. We develop move-to-earn apps that employ advanced technology to provide cryptos or NFTs for each action.   

Stunning Features of Our STEPN Clone App

Security Tokenizer is the leading white label NFT marketplace development company, providing users with STEPN clone app development with advanced and unique features as well as secure features. The stunning features of our STEPN Clone app are listed below:

Burn Mechanism

Facilitates the circulation of both GST and GMT tokens through various in-app activities.

Dual Token Model

STEPN comes with a dual token model and a Decentralized wallet. The dual token model are,

  • Green Metaverse Token (GMT)- a governance token

  • Green Satoshi Token (GST)- a game utility token.


The marketplace is a decentralized platform that is used by users to sell, buy, auction, rent, lease, and sell/ buy badges, NFT sneakers & gems.

GameFi Elements

GameFi comes will various notable features like Sneakers, Shoe Minting, Game modes, Gems& Sockets, and Badges.

Unique Features of the STEPN Clone App

We have highly skilled developers who created the STEPN clone app with unique and innovative features in order to provide users with STEPN clone app development services.

  1. Game-Fi Systems

  2. Game-Fi Elements

  3. Social-Fi Systems

  4. Social-Fi Elements

  5. Two Token Model

  6. Decentralized Wallet

  7. Burn Mechanism

  8. Integrated Marketplace

  9. Move to Earn M2E Rewards

Security Features in Our STEPN Clone App Development

We offer the best STEPN Clone App Development with many secured features to protect our client's data. Our STEPN clone app enables users to earn a wide range of profits in a short period of time while also creating massive branding all over the world.

  • Anti CSRF Token

  • AES Encryption Prevention

  • XSS Clean

  • Encrypting Email IDs

  • HTTP Headers and Other Information

Generate Revenue With Our STEPN Clone Application

The STEPN clone script rewards its users with two unique tokens.

Green Satoshi Token

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is a game utility token and users can acquire the GST by performing different activities like walking, running, and jogging. Users can repair their sneakers, glorify their gem digital items, can move on to upgraded levels, unlock sockets, and mint their new sneakers with their rewards and earned GST tokens.

Green Metaverse Token  

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is a governance token and users can obtain it by involving themselves in a premium game contest here rewards are given to winners in the form of GMT. Governance tokens can be used to upgrade the game to the maximum upper level, alter the sneaker's name, create a chance for winning rare NFT sneakers, and mint rare, epic & legendary sneakers.

What is STEPN?    

STEPN is a mobile app that enables users to earn tokens by doing certain activities like walking, jogging, and running. This app is the world of play-to-earn blockchain gaming, also known as GameFi. STEPN is the first step for gaining NFT employing Solana Blockchain.

White Label STEPN Clone App Development

At Security Tokenizer, we develop the STEPN clone application in two methods. Firstly, we provide White label STEPN clone solutions with a customizable option by which users can alter the application based on their business requirements and target audience. This customizable Web3-based white label clone solution can be deployed within a short span. Secondly, we develop the White label STEPN clone application from scratch and it takes months to deploy.  

STEPN Clone App -Overview

The STEPN Clone App is a replica of STEPN, move to earn crypto app with the elements of social-fi and Game-fi. This app strives to boost users to fight climate change, live a healthy lifestyle and hook to the web3 lifestyle.

On wearing NFT shoes, users can receive GST by walking, jogging, or running. The gained GST can be spent on new NFT shoes in the marketplace, or they can save their GST earnings in the app wallet.

The dual token economy system encounters the usefulness and fundraising purposes of the STEPN clone app. The impressive feature of the STEPN app is that it allows users to lead a healthy lifestyle by limiting the number of tokens.

STEPN Clone App - Launch Your Own Move-to-Earn App look a like Web3 Lifestyle    

The STEPN clone app is an imitation of the web3 fitness lifestyle app that incorporates entertaining gaming components, social-fi, and game-fi elements.

How Does STEPN Development Work?    

STEPN app works according to the following steps,

  • users should download the STEPN app

  • By using their email address, do sign up.

  • After completing the verification process, users should link their wallets to access the STEPN coin.

  • In the STEPN Game-Fi system, users are provided with NFTs in the form of sneakers

  • In the STEPN app, users must deposit Solana's native SOL token and should wait for 24 hours for the app to be reformed before purchasing NFT sneakers.

The features of your sneakers contribute to the energy cap. As the number of rewards is restricted because of the energy gap between The Green Satoshi token is the game's utility token with an unlimited supply whether the Green metaverse token is the governance token in the STEPN ecosystem.

How To Earn With STEPN Clone App?    

By making use of the STEPN clone features like Solo, Marathon, and Background modes, users can earn money. A free trial feature is available in the app for new users. If you have some STEPN footwear and start running, the earning meter starts filling up.

Solo Mode  

In solo mode, users have to travel with the NFT shoes to gain GST tokens, but they should possess the energy to do so. One unit of energy sustains five minutes of movement and it is restocked by the purchase of an NFT shoe. Before starting your travel, it is necessary to check the energy so that you can earn tokens.

Also, it is mandatory to check your GPS connection, only with a strong GPS connection you could earn your GST tokens. Several factors determine your token payment like efficiency, types of shoes, etc.

Marathon Mode   

By enrolling on the "Marathon page" Users can employ in weekly or monthly marathons and users should wait for 24 hours before starting the preferred marathon.

Background Mode  

If you have at least one pair of shoes in your stock, earning without any repair costs is possible. As the backdrop mode takes the count of steps directly from the mobile device, there won't be any impact on the shoes' durability.

STEPN NFT Marketplace To Build your NFT Marketplace Like STEPN  

Here, Security Tokenizer is a Top-Rtaed NFT Marketplace Development Company, which helps to build your own NFT Marketplace like STEPN on various Blockchain Platforms. Our White label STEPN NFT Marketplace will combine liquidity provisions, NFT trading, and user-friendly features and functionalities similar to STEPN NFT Marketplace. Kick Start your NFT Marketplace like STEPN with us! FREE Demo also available Now!

We Used Popular Blockchain Networks to Create STEPN Clone Script

Security Tokenizer offers the STEPN Clone Script on various blockchain networks. The following blockchain networks are the most popular we used to create STEPN Clone Script for the clients.

  • Tron

  • Ethereum

  • Cardano

  • Solana

  • Binance

  • Polygon

  • Hedera

Why Choose Security Tokenizer For STEPN Clone App?    

Security Tokenizer is a top NFT Game Development Company & Our proficient developers are well-versed in clone development with cutting-edge technologies and provide you with the best STEPN clone app like STEPN on various Blockchain Networks based on your Business requirements. We have 400+ happy clients around the globe such as Turkey, Japan, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and more. We deliver our STEPN Clone App, STEPN Clone Script, and Solutions with advanced web3 features and high secured quality.

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