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Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development Services

The term real estate tokenization refers to the property division, which is of digital assets on a blockchain network or tradable shares. Currently, Many regulatory bodies, as well as countries, are making executing changes to initiate a friendly business environment for the real estate assets tokenization.
Now you know about real estate tokenization. Let us have a look into the pros of tokenizing estate

The Pros of Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development

1. The asset price is quite close to the value of the real market when liquidity discounts are diminished significantly.

2. Every investor can experience a high level of security and transparency. 

3. The data of real-time pricing can be acquired from the order books

4. The property developers profit access to the additional capital amount when they efficiently fractionalize a property.

5. The occurrence of fraudulent activities is no more. Since the transaction is recorded on the blockchain network which is not changed by anyone. 

6. The chances of fraud are decreased as a transaction that is recorded on the blockchain network cannot be changed by anyone.

7. The fund settlement will be done faster and several overhead expenses will be diminished.

8. Real estate tokens are financially supported by real-world assets. 

9. Wealthy investors can diversify their portfolios effectively through investing in multiple properties throughout the world and experiencing the high return benefits. 

Categories of Real Estate Tokenization Solutions

The categories of real estate tokenization come with the following.

(i)  Residential Real Estate Tokenization

This tokenization type lets people invest in your residential properties, or buy them which is a new source of revenue for you. 

(ii) Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

In this sort of tokenization, the ownership of commercial property is divided into multiple fractions, each of the fraction backs the token value. 

(iii) Single Real Estate Tokenization

Under this category, you can tokenize your single real estate or property simply to enhance project funds and embellish assets liquidity.

(iv) Industry Real Estate Tokenization

In compliance with the local laws, we let you tokenize and liquidate your trophy real estate in a secure and transparent  manner.

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization Solutions

The following are the benefits of digitizing real estate

  • High volume liquidity

  • Simplified management

  • Fractional ownership

  • Reduces entry cost

  • Blockchain immutability

Why Property Tokenization?

You should tokenize your property for the following reasons

1. It brings many enhancements to the conventional real estate industry through rendering more liquidity chances, assuring better transparency in the market, reliable ownership tracking, as well as enabling a real-time investing process.

2. It requires the best cooperation from blockchain developers as well as real estate professionals to assure a successful token launch without any hassles and risks.

3. Property tokenization leads to better opportunities for innovative and ambitious real estate developments., since tokens can be exchanged on a real-time basis.

4. Real estate tokenization has the power to compete with other fabulous fundraising substitutes.

5. Europe, USA as well as some parts of Asia have fit well with the economic and technological aspects of real estate tokenizing.

6. In the upcoming 5 years, tokenization is expected to yield a whopping 4.2 billion for the universal real estate industry.

Strategies of Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization will revolutionize the real estate world. The legal and financial advisors are well versed to revolutionize the real estate sector. At security tokenizer, we provide the best real estate-related solutions as well as ensure the legal complaint about your token. During the asset tokenization of our clients, our developers furnish taxation, crowdfunding, accounting, and other related services. Besides, we can help you with the fundraising required in framework compliance. 

Must-Have Features of Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development

A perfectly customized real estate tokenization platform must have the following features.

(i) Efficient property management

(ii) Rapid peer-to-peer transaction

(iii) OTC facility for token exchange

(iv) Lack of third parties

(v) NFT representing land ownership

(vi) Recovery mechanism for lost tokens

(vii) Splited payments to investors

(viii) Availability of digital stock certificates

(ix) An integrated trading system

(x) KYC compliance with authorities

Process Involved In Tokenizing An Real Estate Asset

Tokenizing a real estate asset is completely achieved by the four steps. They are the following.

(i) Deal Finalization

(ii) Legal structure formation

(iii) Picking the appropriate technology

(iv) Token creation and distribution

Real Estate Tokenization Checklist

(i) Securities regulations

(ii) Tokenization ratio

(iii) Legal and regulatory frameworks

(iv) Automated KYC/AML

(v) Legal entity

(vi) Investor traceability

Why Security Tokenizer for Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development ?

We Security tokenizer is a full-service blockchain and Token Development Company that lets businesses create and manage asset-backed tokens. Our expert team will take care of the absolute research, technology development, auditing, and legal compliance indulged in the token creation process and also aid you raise funds through your Real Estate Token. To mention, our tokens are compliant and regulated as per the laws of specific jurisdictions.

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