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DxSale Clone Script

DxSale Clone Script is a complete decentralized script derived with token management features that lets you launch your own token sale platform like DxSale. With DxSale Clone Script of Security Tokenizer, anyone can easily launch a token management ecosystem that lets end users for the token minting, swapping, farming, locking tokens and raising funds with a list of tokens on any decentralized exchanges. Our DxSale clone script is 100% white-labeled solutions providing end-to-end DxSale launchpad functionalities.Dxsale Clone Script is a decentralized launchpad protocol for Token Management features To Build token sale platform similar to DxSale.

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Uniqueness Of DxSale Token Sale Platform

DxSale platform is designed to furnish the utmost flexibility & scalability to build an inventive decentralized app for token sales boasting. To point out, the main intent of DxSale is to offer a blockchain-agnostic user experience for the users for a better reach among the users.

The platform is embellishing its flexibility with the constant improvement in meeting the demands of every user. In short, DxSale blockchain requires the data for processing and delivering the seamless token transaction in a hassle-free way.

Wanna build your own token presale platform like DxSale. Avail the best DxSale Clone Script from the leading token development company, Security Tokenizer.

White Label DxSale Clone Script

Version - DxSale V.3 (Updated in Sep - 2021)

Blockchain Support - Solana, polygon, Cardano and all trending blockchain networks with customization.

Launchpad - Available

Features - Swap, farm, stake, and more (As per requirements)

Tokenomics - Customizable (As per requirements)


  • 50% of the  total supply is burned

  • 50% of the total supply is provided to stakes

  • Obtain airdrops from token sales

  • Receive staking rewards 

Core Components of Our DxSale Clone Script

Our DxSale Clone Script comes with the following core components for the better user experience

  • DxSale Clone launchpad

  • DxMinting Attributes

  • DxSale swapping attributes

  • DxFair launch

  • DxDrop

Features Of Our DxSale Clone Script

Here are the features of our DxSale clone script that provide your users a fine experience in your token presale platform

  • Absolutely decentralized

  • Governance Attribute

  • Cross-chain compliance

  • DAO provisions

  • Automatic yield farms

Special Features Of Our DxSale Clone 

Listed below are the special features of our DxSale clone script


This feature lets the users mint their own token on any blockchain network and they can sell on the DxSale platform.


DxKLaunch is a stunning launchpad that comes with governance support on several blockchain networks. With our DxSale clone, anyone can easily create a token and get listed on the platform instantly.


This feature lets you instantly lock the DxLaunch via DAO. Besides, this platform also has an external token locking with the incentives.


This feature is to furnish token swapping and liquidity after the sale closure of launched tokens with DxLaunch.


This feature in our DxSale clone script lets for automated yield farming in a seamless way.

Advantages Of DxSale Clone Script

  • Funds collected in the DxSale platforms’ liquidity pool are automatically locked at the presale

  • No need for any requirements for holding the tokens like BSCstater, Unicrypt etc

  • Simple to determine how long a token can be hold

  • Easy token launch with the absence of codes

  • Absolutely autonomous and decentralized

  • Multi-chain compatible

How Our DxSale Clone Works?

Working of DxSale clones for presale participation comes with 5 several steps.

Step 1: pick the interesting project that you desire to join in the DxSale presale platform

Step 2: Verify that your wallet is integrated with the precise blockchain network.

Step 3: Enter the amount for which you wish to participate in the presale.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction.

Step 5: At the presale end, just overview the address of the presale in which you have participated. 

Step 6: Claim tokens after the completion of all the above steps

How To Launch A Platform Like DxSale?

To launch your own token presale platform like DxSale, You need the best DxSale Clone Script from the best Token Development Company like us. Avail the best DxSale Clone Script from us and generate passive income effectively.

DxSale Overview

DxSale. the app is a blockchain-dependent presale token platform launched in August 2020 delivering great profits from the launch on several blockchain platforms like ethereum, Polygon, Cardano Binance Smart Chain and so on.

In recent times, the DxSale ecosystem enlarged quickly through inventing successful projects like MIniBabyDoge, SafeMoon, Everise, ElonGate and so on. The ultimate goal of DxSale  is to accommodate AMM-based decentralized exchange into its own ecosystem.

Why Security Tokenizer For DxSale Clone Script?

Security Tokenizer - A preceding Token Development Company furnishes end to end crypto and blockchain solutions for all sorts of enterprise and startups Our extended services comes with NFT Development, NFT Marketplace Development, Token Sale Platform Development and so on. 

Our expert team will develop and deploy DxSale Clone Script in a hassle-free manner to deliver your end-users the best token presale experience. Here are the reasons why we are the best for token sale platform development.

  • 5+ years of industry experience

  • Timely delivery with qualified output

  • Stunning token development & management services

  • Post-delivery support

  • Adroit blockchain experts

Get The Best DxSale Clone Script From Us & Reach Heights In Your Business

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