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Cointool App Clone Script - To Create Token Generator Platform Like Cointool

Cointool App Clone Script - To Create Token Generator Platform Like Cointool

CoinTool App Clone Script

Cointool app clone script - is a ready-made ERC20, BEP20 and Other Crypto token generation platform clone script, which can help any one to launch a next -gen token generator platform like  The created cointool app clone can help end users to create BEP20 Token, Create ERC20 Token, Create TRC20 Tokens and crypto tokens in minutes. The Cointool app clone script comes with separate dashboards to manage tokens, Gas Price Calculation,  create tokens locker and more. This token generation platform script can be utilized  to create a  complete digital currency toolbox. 
The CoinTool App Clone Script of Security Tokenizer  comes with all the existing features and functions of the With our advanced CoinTool App Clone Script, it is easy for you to launch your token generation platform. Our CoinTool Clone Script is absolutely customizable and ready for launch offers the highest ROI for your crypto business growth.

Benefits of Cointool App Clone Script


The following are some of the benefits of Cointool app clone script

  • Easy fast and Convenient

  • No need of programming skills

  • Absolute ownership of generated crypto tokens

  • Custom token name, symbol, and initial supply

  • Instant verification on published contract source code

Launching a BEP20 Token Generator platform is more simple than you think. To point out, one of the simplest and best ways to attain more about the inner workings of cryptocurrency is possible by starting your own digital or virtual crypto token. The utmost good news is: it is simple to instantly launch your own BEP20 token generator platform.

Now let us enter into what a token is, BEP20 token, and how to create your own BEP20 Token.

What is a Token?

A Token is a Smart Contract that defines digital or virtual assets which have an important value to send and receive the ite.. To point out, smart contracts are a set of applications that run precisely as programmed without any censorship possibility or interference of third parties. These sorts of applications run on a custom-built Blockchain network with an extremely strong shared infrastructure which can move huge value and supports the property ownership.

What is a BEP20 Token?

BEP20 is the execution of APIs for smart contracts and crypto tokens. BEP20 Token is recommended through determining Ethereum's ERC20 protocol. It offers the basic functionality to transfer BEP20 tokens, allows tokens to be approved hence they can be spent by another on-chain 3rd party, and that can be moved between Binance Chain & Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

How To Create A BEP20 Token With CoinTool App Clone?

Here are the steps to create a BEP20 Token with cointool app clone

1. Wallet Installation - You should have MetaMask composed with a huge amount of BNB to pay for contract deployment
2. Token Details - Fill out the form with your preferred Token name and symbol. Pick your token kind and supply manufacture 
3. Burn - This option signifies the burning of tokens to reduce the supply.
4. Mint - Minting symbolizes the ability to assemble more tokens for the initial supply augment
5. Pause - The pause option defines whether your tokens and any integrated operations can be paused and restarted at any time. The pause procedure can be used in the case of software flaw or a malicious attack.
6. Blacklist - It defines the blacklisted account if there is any malicious behavior. As per the use case, it is preferable to exhaust the specific tokens’ capability.
7. Deflation Token - With burn, charity, as well as automatic holders distribution it is simple to create the tokens.
8. Token Creation - Use a metamask wallet for your token transaction. After the deployment, your token will be ready to use.
Now, your Token is entirely compliant with the BEP20 requirement as well as with any BEP20 wallet which has a Name, a Symbol, and a quantity in decimals.


Unique Features of Cointool App Clone Script


With Cointool App Clone Script, one can obtain the below exclusive features. 


  • Market Insights - It has an advanced market insights dashboard where you can the view the current value of cryptocurrencies of various blockchain.

  • Gas Price List - It allows you to know the real-time gas price for creating different types of crypto tokens.

  • DeFi Apps - It offers more than 10 decentralized exchanges through which the users can swap tokens with ease.

  • Batch Balance - The users can instantly check the available balance of any native tokens that have been stored in their wallet.

  • Token MultiSender - Bulk tokens can be widely distributed to several address with minimal transactions fees.

  • Easy Token Presale - Cointool App Clone Script makes Token Presale more easy and helps in raising funds for further development of the project.

  • Multilingual - This Clone Script offers you a multilingual platform which makes it easy for the user to access.

  • Generates Vanity Addresses - It helps in generating personalized cryptocurrency addresses which is easily identifiable for the user.

For Ethereum

  • ETH Token MultiSender

  • ETH Bulk Collect

  • Create ERC20 Token

  • ETH Batch Wallet Generate

  • ETH Batch Balance

  • ETH chain record

  • Eth Unit Converter

  • Vanity Eth

  • Gas Prcie Last

  • ETH Token Allowance Checker

  • ERC20 Token Holder Scan


  • BTC Batch Balance

  • BTC Unit Converter

  • BTC Address Generator


  • BNB Batch Wallet Generate

  • BNB Batch Balance

  • BSC Batch Wallet Generate

  • BSC Batch Balance

  • Create BEP20 Token

  • BSC Token MultiSender

  • BSC Bulk Collect

  • BSC Token Allowance Checker


  • Create TRC20 Token

  • TRX Batch Wallet Generate

  • TRX Batch Balance

  • TRX Token MultiSender

  • TRX Bulk Collect

  • TRON Token Allowance Checker

Why Security Tokenizer For Cointool App Clone Script Development?

Being a leading BEP20 token development company Security Tokenizer provides the pro-level best BEP20 token creation service that lets you create your BEP20 token with an affordable cost. Our token development services come under the Binance Smart Chain blockchain standards by assimilating the required and security features as per your needs. 

For Startups and entrepreneurs who desire to start a token creation platform like Cointool App, We provide the best Cointool App Clone Script that lets you start your token creation platform instantly. 

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