Uniswap Clone Script - To Instantly Launch Your Own DEX like Uniswap

Uniswap Clone Script - To Instantly Launch Your Own DEX like Uniswap

Uniswap Clone Script is a fully ready-made script specially coded to build a decentralized exchange platform that connects crypto buyers and sellers just like in Uniswap. This clone script is a simple solution for you to launch a fully-functional, bug-free decentralized exchange in no time. 

Hoping that now you would have understood what is Uniswap Clone Script here, then let us have an overview of Uniswap DEX before diving deep into the concepts of Uniswap clone development. Security Tokenizer, as a professional DeFi development company will help you understand all about the Uniswap and the perks of using Uniswap Clone script. 


What is Uniswap Protocol?

Uniswap protocol is an open-source, decentralized protocol that was developed to provide a platform where the users can exchange cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network. Since it is decentralized, it has no third-party custody, thus enabling an easy swap of crypto tokens. Swapping is the common way of interacting in this Uniswap. For every token swap there is about a 0.3% fee is acquired and it is further split based on the liquidity proportion given by the contributors.

Below mentioned are some of the features offered by Uniswap exchange platform.

  • TrustWallet - a highly secured crypto wallet.

  • Set Protocol - a protocol built on Ethereum to manage the digital assets

  • Snapshot - an advanced level decentralized voting poll.

  • Revert - provides analytics stats for liquidity providers.

  • Risk Harbor - a decentralized finance risk protection feature.

Know more about the Uniswap ecosystem here: uniswap.org 

Why is Uniswap Popular?

Uniswap eliminates the one of the major drawback of Decentralized Exchanges that is "lack of liquidity". Since this Uniswap protocol creates its own liquidity pool, it doesn’t require liquidity to be offered from both buyers and sellers. These liquidity pools are highly secured with smart contracts powered by Ethereum network. Thus makes the trade here a lot more smoother. Such facts has made Uniswap the most popular decentralized exchange. 


How Many Cryptocurrencies are on Uniswap?


Below mentioned are some of the major cryptocurrencies that the Uniswap supports.


  1. Ethereum (ETH),

  2. Uniswap (UNI),

  3. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC),

  4. USD Coin (USDC),

  5. Tether (USDT),

  6. Shiba Inu (SHIB),

  7. Polygon (MATIC),

  8. Chainlink (LINK),

  9. Dai (DAI),

  10. Fantom (FTM).


Source: fool.com


Is Uniswap Safe?

As the Uniswap platform supports decentralized exchange with liquidity pool mechanism on top of the Ethereum network, it has been considered as much safe as the Ethereum blockchain itself. As it has no intermediaries involved, both the parties of a trade transfer their assets directly from their own wallet, hence the funds are safe with the trusted custodian. 

How to Create a DeFi Exchange like Uniswap?

Since Uniswap have encroached the DeFi Exchange industry, it has become a huge craze for several entrepreneurs. This scraze has led to a phase where many investors out there are on the move to build their own DEX platform similar to Uniswap. With such increasing rate of demand, blockchain experts have come up with an optimal solution called Uniswap Clone Script.

What is White Label Uniswap Clone Script?

White Label Uniswap Clone Script is an instant solution using which you can deploy your own DEX platform in no time. At Security Tokenizer, our expert DeFi exchange developers offers the best white label uniswap clone solutions that supports liquidity provision and swapping of crypto tokens just as in the Uniswap.

How Does Our Uniswap Clone Works?


Unlike the traditional structure of a decentralized exchange platform, the DEX platform built using our Uniswap Clone has no order book, instead it works with a design called Automated Market Maker just like in Uniswap DEX. This Automated Market Maker are nothing but a smart contract built on Ethereum network that is mainly used to hold liquidity pools. Any user of the platform can become a liquidity contributor if ready to deposit the same value of two tokens on the liquidity pool. In exchange to this, every liquidity providers will get a “liquidity token” using which they can redeem the share they contributed in the pool.


Features of Our Uniswap Clone Script

  • Swift Swapping - Our clone script offers a high-speed capacity to swap ERC-20 tokens without any limitation.

  • Improved Liquidity Pool - Offers a liquidity pool that improves the revenue through passive income offered to the direct contributor.

  • Token Versatility - Our Uniswap clone enables the users to build their own tokens and pair it with ERC20 tokens, thus improving the liquidity of those newly minted tokens.

  • Community Forum - Just as in the Uniswap, our clone script also offers a forum space where the users get to participate and discuss about the future proposals of the platform.

  • Voting Portal - Our DEX clone also offers an portal similar to the snapshot of Uniswap. Here the users within the community can vote on proposals and can also view the previous proposals held within the platform.

  • Hi-tech Wallet - Offers a native crypto wallet facility for every users in order to store their funds securely.

  • Stable Smart Contract - The liquidity pool here is secured by a standard smart contract facility deployed on top of the Ethereum blockchain network. 

Benefits of Our Uniswap Clone Script

  • Generate a good ROI

  • Enhanced Liquidity provision

  • Instant token swap is possible

  • Decentralized network with no third party involvement

  • Flexible trading facility

  • In-built crypto wallet

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Feasible transaction fee


Why Choose Security Tokenizer for Uniswap Clone Script?


Being a pioneer token development company, we specialize in providing various blockchain solutions that includes our effective DeFi development services. Our DeFi development experts offers the best Uniswap Clone Script using which you can instantly launch your own DEX platform similar to Uniswap. Get in touch with us to know more about our exceptional DeFi development solutions.

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