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Stablecoin Development Company - Security Tokenizer

Stablecoin Development Company - Security Tokenizer

Stablecoin Development

A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that resists the mutation correlated with the emerging market scenario. The development of stablecoin applications is optimal for serving as an exchange medium in the crypto space which includes the quality, usage scope, and the digital currencies trade at a more micro level.

The Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are expressed in dollars that give you an opportunity to embellish chances of protection from the risks and fluctuations of the market.

Types of Stablecoin

1. Fiat-backed Stablecoins

The name itself symbolizes that the stablecoin is attached into FIAT currency at a 1:1 ratio. To assure the all-time collateralized cryptocurrency, you will need to perform proper and constant auditing.

2. Non-collateralized Stablecoins

These stablecoins rely on an algorithm that employs the variant in the value of money and the printing cost that deviates the supply volume for price control. 

3. Cryptocurrency-backed Stablecoins

The cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium can be utilized as collateral in place of FIAT currency to create stablecoins. These redeem for the volatility of conventional cryptocurrencies as contempt for the use of a 1:1 ratio for the crypto lateral.

4. Commodity-collateralized Stablecoins

Real-priced commodities such as real estate, gold, and several precious gems and metals can be integrated into the cryptocurrency to form a stable coin. These are evident to be a tangible asset to retreat your business or savings. 

Characteristics of Stablecoin

The following are the characteristics of a stablecoin

  • Audit track record and transparency
  • Direct ownership for FIAT/ Asset equivalent amount
  • Unrestricted asset redemption
  • Strong, stable and neutral base asset
  • Segregation of asset

Highlights of Stablecoin

The highlights of stablecoin comprise the following


  • Lack of Volatility
  • Financial enclosure
  • Flexibility & high liquidity 
  • Enhanced Revelation
  • Token Authority 
  • Completely Backed
  • Developed with sophisticated Blockchain Technologies

How Does Stablecoin Work?

Since stablecoin is low volatile, the price of the stablecoin may change as per the value of fiat currencies.  Besides, they don’t have huge risks like altcoins. You can completely trust a stablecoin more than any altcoins due to its backed assets characteristics. The stablecoin comes with a dual working process. One is the purchase process and another one is the redeem process. 

Purchase process

In this purchase phase, with the crypto wallet information, the user will render the wire to a trusted company. Then, the trusted company will transmit a signal to the stablecoin with an escrow agreement. After the funds verification, the respective stablecoin is instantly sent to the user’s wallet.


Checking of KYC/AMLshould be conducted, If you want to redeem your stablecoin. Until the KYC/AML verification process, you are not able to redeem your stablecoins. The process of working varies as per the type of stablecoins.

Why Launch Stablecoin?

So far we have grabbed about the characteristics, features and highlights of stablecoins. Let us move on about why to launch stablecoin.

Stablecoins are expected to take the lead in 2021 among all other cryptocurrencies. Besides, it is eligible to be considered as the default payment medium for daily transactions. Stablecoins shorten P2P and persist payments. In the same way, stablecoins allow for hassle-free cryptocurrency exchanges in a seamless manner.

How To Launch Stablecoins?

Let us discuss in detail about how to launch stablecoins by stepwise manner.

To launch stablecoins, you must have a deep knowledge on your intention behind creating a stablecoin with your expectations. Then, analyze and pick the best platform to launch your stablecoin. Undergo appropriate steps to assure liquidity. Give unique identity to your stablecoin. Finally integrate with the blockchain platform and market launch.

How does Stablecoins compound Your Revenue?

Stablecoins compound your revenue with the following process

Transaction Fee

Even Though users deviate from the conventional cryptocurrencies with the usage of stablecoins, they still impose a good deal of transaction fee to neglect the volatility dange and securing their investment.

Trading Volume

Your customer base started to get enhanced, after the launch of your stablecoin and distribution over the world. This results in the increase of fee and trading volume. 

Cross-Border Payments

The target audience of stablecoins is common people (or) crypto traders who have been splitted from their families and surviving in distant lands. The yielded income is high, since their trading volume remains too high.

Currency Conversion Fee

It does not matter how many users trade between countries (or) continents, they contribute to gratifying the objective of a stablecoin which transforms the coins into local currencies. Therefore, the currency conversion fee is also a phase of your income.


You are guaranteed to attract global investors after deploying your stablecoins and it has started to popularize in the crypto market. With their investment and support, your business can scale heights.


The ICO (or) MLM platform lets your stablecoins attain popularity and revenue as well in a short span of time. MLM has the opportunity to continue for life, thus you can earn lifelong income.

Hope, you have gained knowledge about why and how to launch stablecoin. Right? Besides, you can launch your stablecoin with the best stablecoin development services of Security Tokenizer

Stablecoin Development Services

1. Stablecoin Consulting

Our stablecoin consulting services let you have the precise business strategy to build, deploy, and market your stablecoins.

2. Whitepaper Drafting

Our white paper services let you draft a clear and easy-to-read stablecoin whitepaper that comprise all the essential details about the project and also directs  investors to make the right decisions.

3. Stablecoin Creation

Through these services,  we make you create the preferred type of stablecoin development like fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized, commodity-collateralized, and uncollateralized. 

4. Stablecoin Marketing

With this service, you can acquire a good growth strategy that lets you attain more stablecoin investors which includes several  marketing activities like PR outreach, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

5. Payment & AML/KYC Services

This payment service can embellish stablecoin offerings with multiple payment options. It comprises AML/KYC services that permit you to cross-check the investors’ profiles.

6. Community Support Management

Our dedicated team furnishes you the best community support management, instant chats, and crypto forums. Besides, our expert team will immediately reply to investors queries.

Why Security Tokenizer For Stablecoin Development?

Here are the reasons why we are fabulous for our stablecoin development services.


  • Technical collaboration
  • Global clients
  • Supplementary solutions
  • Marketing services

Being a leading token development company, we deliver the best stablecoin development services which lift you up in the crypto market.

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