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What is ERC223?

ERC223 tokens are compatible with ERC20 tokens. It symbolizes that ERC223 undergoes ERC20’s functionality as well the contracts working with ERC20 tokens suits well to work with ERC223 tokens. 

ERC223 lets users transfer tokens to wallets and smart contracts with the same function. As well, ERC-223 tokens enhance the adaptability of ERC-20s through undergoing transfers that come with a single step, which symbolizes that ERC-223 token transfers need only half the gas while in comparison with ERC20.

The two chief functions of ERC223 are the following

  • Users can accept or reject tokens arriving at their smart contracts
  • Rejected transactions never burn the tokens, it just fails. 

Features of ERC223 


  • Builds a new interface specifically for the deprecated functions
  • Since the event pattern is followed it enables the contract developers for managing the incoming tokens (eg. accept/reject). 
  • Uses one transaction in simultaneous of two (transfer vs. approve/transfer From) which saves gas and blockchain storage.

Examples of ERC223 


  • ChainLink Token (LINK)
  • Cute Coin (CUTE)
  • Eterbase Coin (XBASE)
  • JSE Token (JSE)
  • ShineCoin (SHC)
  • Bethereum (BETHER)
  • MarketCoin (MKC)
  • Ethereum Money (ETHMNY)
  • AlphaCityCoin (ACC)

Benefits of ERC223 Tokens


  • Lower fee
  • Smart contracts 
  • Better security
  • Compatibility

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Token Creation

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Token Transfer

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Token Web Wallet

We offer token web wallet services that come with lifetime longevity and ace security tokens.

Cold Storage

We furnish this service which is hardware security which guarantees the safekeeping of the tokens and obviates any compromise.

Github Source Code

Our token development also extended to Computer embedded coding with GitHub that furnishes an open-source platform to the users for multiple tasks.

Verify on Etherscan

After our token development, we undergo Etherscan verification. the significant cryptocurrency market and crypto news provider for your for better verification.


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