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Cryptocurrency Development Company

Security Tokenizer - The Best Cryptocurrency Development Company To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency or Altcoins. Cryptocurrency is believed to be the Digital money of the future after the tremendous success of the very first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. To hit the market with a similar cryptocurrency, our expertise in the crypto industry would come in handy for you. As a leading Cryptocurrency development company, Security Tokenizer offers end-to-end cryptocurrency development solutions with cutting edge technologies. Our skilled developers would have a keen observation of your requirements and will deliver a greater ROI.

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Custom Altcoin

As a predominant Altcoin Development Company, we develop feature-rich Altcoins highly secured blockchain platforms using Cryptographic algorithms, with advanced functionality & features that can be easy to exchange.

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Crypto Token

Best Token Development Company, develop your crypto tokens like ERC20, ERC721,ERC1400, BEP20, TRC10, TRC20, Metaverse with unique features like crowdfunding, fundraising, Dapps, games, exchange, etc

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A pioneer NFT Development Company, provides NFT Token, Exchange, Marketplace, Lending, Staking, Crowdfunding development, etc. We Create NFTs for arts, music, collectibles, games, metaverse, fashion, eCommerce on any blockchains.

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DeFi Development Company provides DeFi based Exchange, Protocols, Lending, Borrowing, Staking, Smart Contract, Crowdfunding platforms development solutions based on your requirements & that suit all your Business Sectors

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Custom Blockchain

Blockchain Development Company, We develop secure custom blockchain applications for small industries & enterprises using cryptographic algorithms and more based on your business requirements.

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Smart Contract

We provide end-to-end Smart Contract, Audit, MLM Software Development Services for all Industries. We build smartcontract on blockchains like TRON,Ethereum,Chaincode etc & languages including Solidity, Golang Vyper, Truffle etc

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White Paper Writing

We are the expert White paper writing service providers and deliver the quality Whitepaper for our clients worldwide. We provide Whitepapers for all crypto & non-crypto businesses/projects/Startups. Hire our Professional White Paper writers Now!

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

As a predominant cryptocurrency wallet development company, we create a crypto wallet with high-security features multi-language support, and payment gateways. Users securely store and transfer any type of cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

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As a Leading ICO/STO/IDO/IEO Platform Development Company, We provide complete services like token creation & launch roadmap generation, white paper creation, marketing, trading,consulting etc.

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Benefits of Cryptocurrency Development

Easy Transaction

Cryptocurrency makes the transaction process more quick and also charges low transaction fees compared to the traditional financial system.


Decentralized platform eliminates the need of a middle man, thus reducing the time and expenses involved in every transactions.

Strong Security

The blockchain technology offers a strong secured peer-to-peer network and protects your digital funds from hackers.


The transaction of cryptocurrency is transparent and reliable. Thus it becomes easier for future audits.

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Why SecurityTokenizer for Cryptocurrency Development?

Security Tokenizer, with 7+ years of experience in the crypto industry offers end-to-end solutions for all your cryptocurrency development needs right from consultation to a successful launch. Our team of expert developers can create a flawless, fully-functional cryptocurrency that will meet your business requirements.

Agile Development

Timely Project Delivery

24x7 Tech Support


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

We listed some frequently asked questions by our clients related to Cryptocurrency development, If you need more Information or Queries feel FREE to ask Our Experts.

+1 . What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency that is based on blockchain technology and secured by cryptography. It can be easy to exchange,stake, trade etc.,via all platforms

+2 . How to Make a Cryptocurrency?

We follow certain Steps like Choose a Consensus Mechanism -> Pick your Blockchain Platform -> Design The Nodes -> Establish Blockchain Internal Architecture -> Integrate the APIs -> Design the Interface -> Make Your Cryptocurrency Legal - Ready to Launch

+3 . How long does it take to create a coin?

The process of coin creation may take as little as 5 minutes to 4 Hours or may differ from your business requirements. Now Bitcoin fork(ready-made) & other Cryptocurrencies forks are available now in SecurityTokenizer. 

+4 . How Much Does it Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency development cost differs based on your business needs & requirements. You Discuss your Project with a trusted Cryptocurrency Development Company then create and launch your cryptocurrency

+5 . Is My Business Idea Safe with You?

We assure your business idea will be 100% secure & safe. We help to achieve your dream business in the real world.

+6 . How Do I Start a Cryptocurrency Business?

You must follow the 10 Steps before Starting a Crypto Business -> HOW TO START A CRYPTOCURRENCY BUSINESS. If you have any Doubts Our Business Consultant will Guide You in the right direction.

+7 . Do you Provide any Fund Raising Platforms like ICO?

We create your Token/Coin then launch ICO successfully that helps to raise funds for your Business/Startups/Projects. Also, STO/IEO/IDO/IGO platforms are available in Security Tokenizer.

+8 . How Do I Make Money by Creating Cryptocurrency?

Making money with cryptocurrency follows the important tactics like Investing,Trading,Staking and Lending,Crypto Social Media,Mining,Airdrops and Forks etc.,

+9 . What are the Business Benefits of Cryptocurrency uses?

The crypto business is very safe with special benefits like Low transaction fees, Fraud reduction,Instant payments,No barriers,Easy to Attract new customers,etc.,

+10 . How Many Industries do We Serve Crypto Development?

We serve cryptocurrency development for all industries like Bank,Government, Healthcare,Education,Supply chain management,Cybersecurity etc.,

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