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Illuvium Clone Script 

Illuvium Clone Script is the NFT metaverse game script that has been developed for every feature of Illuvium. The Illuvium game is an ecosystem that includes a 3D gaming environment, a decentralized exchange, an NFT market, and the DeFi protocol. Combining the skills of blockchain game developers, smart contract programmers, and gaming engineers, the game source code was created. We, Security Tokenizer provides services for NFT metaverse game like Illuvium and offers high-end security features based on the requirements. 


What is Illuvium crypto?

Illuvium is a blockchain game with a play-to-earn system where players can earn in-game rewards in ILV tokens by taking on tasks and competitions. There are two types of modules in Illuvium: Free-to-play, and Play-to-earn. ILV and sILV tokens must eventually be purchased from the appropriate marketplace if you wish to make money. Several platforms like Binance, Okex, Kucoin,1inch, and others offer Illuvium crypto. You can purchase it there and use your MetaMask Wallet to play the game.  

Why create an NFT game like Illuvium?

Illuvium is the prior AAA blockchain game with cutting-edge gameplay to be created. The game has been implemented on the Ethereum blockchain which is a network that crypto fans may easily accept. The ecosystem of the game is built using many web3 business components. This causes a stir among skilled traders and new NFT users who are utilizing Play to earn the game. 
The native currency of Illuvium s $ILV. The coin holders have access to Illuvium's DAO operations and governance protocol. The token holders may lend their money using the DeFi liquidity mechanism. The DeFi platform is being co-created in parallel for the community to liquidate the tokens. 

Additionally, the NFTs that are available in the game and are known as illuvial can be exchanged on the secondary NFT market. The illuvium has its decentralized exchange for making it easier to buy in-game items, money, and stake tokens. 

The Illuvium space has many interconnected areas, making this game a likely winner in the Web3 era. Illuvium is a web3 development wave contained within a single ecosystem. 

The Web3 entrepreneurs community has been actively conducting research into creating apps similar to illuvium in light of its phenomenal success. We produced a replica of the game illuvium that has all of its features for folks just like them. 

Components of Illuvium clone script 

At SecurityTokenizer, we created an Illuvium clone script with additional fundamental features that might increase replay value among players. We have developed the illuvium clone script architecture through a thorough process of research and development. 
A List of components is explained one by one to know more about each, others. 

  1. In-game trading
  2. Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution
  3. Battle arenas 
  4. Adventure 
  5. In-build DEX
  6. Shard
  7. Mining and harvesting 

In-game Trading 

You can easily enable in-game trading by integrating native cryptocurrency. The blockchain that you utilized to develop the game gave rise to the coin. The in-game currency can be used for a variety of purposes such as Wagering, Battles, Shard curing, illuvium revival, obelisk travel, and enhancements. 

Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution 

Immutable X is another name for the layer 2 Ethereum solution. It enables faster NFT transaction rates, no gas fees, off-chain minting, self-custody of NFT faster computing, and many other benefits has been incorporated in the illuvium clone script. The immutable X is the innovator who is driving the widespread adoption of NFT. 

Battle Arenas 

The battle arena is where gamers challenge themselves to compete against other players. According to their talent, game difficulty, and point totals, the matching engine will advise how the players should rank. Players who are separated into different groups based on similar rankings might compete against one another.


Adventuring is one of the basic components in illuvium-like games where players are encouraged to collect in-game characters. Once the stage is raised, acquiring such characters often becomes more difficult. This shares a similar idea to past works by Pokemon and Axie Infinity. But in Illuvium, the combination of DAO and DeFi protocols gives the game replay value and financial advantages.
Inbuilt DEX

Illuvium includes a DEX, a hub for trading and obtaining all in-game characters. We incorporate DEX protocols into the script we created for our illuvium game clone. Low gas expenses for each transaction taking place in the DEX can be facilitated through seamless DAO smart contract execution. 


Shards are a crucial component that players use to get uncommon illuvial in illuvium games. The quality of the shards will put players ahead of the game as the game gets harder. 
Harvesting and Mining 
The staking and yielding protocols are all involved in mining and harvesting. User stakes their assets on the platform to receive rewards which are based on a proof of stake consensus mechanism. Users of the platform have access to trading and collecting options for mining and harvesting. We have developed these apps to run inside the illuvium clone to simplify the development process. 

Benefits of Our Illuvium clone script 

  • A cost-effective option to establish your blockchain-based gaming platform is to use an Illuvium clone script. Because there is no need to build the platform from scratch, it is less expensive.
  • The time needed to launch your platform can be greatly shortened using an Illuvium clone script because a lot of the development work has already been completed.
  • The Illuvium clone script's high degree of adaptability lets you add your features and customize the platform to meet your requirements.
  • Employing an illuvium clone script might provide you the advantage of using a platform that has already been tried and tested in the market because illuvium is an established and successful platform.
  • Scalability is made possible through illuvium's sharding capability. Scalability is no longer an issue due to the combination of DAO governance protocol used in the development of the illuvium game.

Why Prefer SecurityTokenizer for Illuvium clone script?

Security Tokenizer is a leading Blockchain  Game Development Company that provides an NFT blockchain game like Illuvium. We are the leading vendor of Illuvium clone scripts. Our script will offer you an edge over rivals. Why? because you may use our solutions right now and start working on the project. You don't need to employ or purchase any additional third-party solutions for the creation of an illuvium game clone. We offer the whole software suite at a reasonable price.

If you are planning to develop an NFT game like Illuvium then contact our experts for a free consultation.

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