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ERC20 Token Development Company

ERC20 Token Development Company

If you are familiar with crypto, surely you will come across the term ERC20. ERC stands for Ethereum and twenty is the proposal identifier or a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.

The ERC2 token is chiefly to develop and issue smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which Smart contracts are used to create tokenized assets or smart assets where people can invest.

There is a specific set of standards and protocols that need to be followed to create ERC20 based tokens and publish tokens on the network

As ERC 20 is the most popular token standard, it is the most utilized one in ICOs that issue the tokens on the Ethereum platform. Many Ethereum developers can code smart contracts that can easily interact with ERC 20 tokens.

What Is ERC20 Token?

An ERC20 token is a blockchain-based asset with identical functionality to bitcoin, ether, as well as bitcoin cash. Besides, it can hold value and be sent and received. To point out, ERC20 is an official contract to propose improvements in the Ethereum (ETH) network. 

ERC-20 is a common token standard that got its first approval in the year 2015. It is meant to be a simple interface that permits the creation of tokens on Ethereum and it is also re-hashed by other applications from wallets to decentralized exchanges. It is the most widely used standard for Ethereum-based tokens and so it is preferred for many coin and token offerings.

We can consider all tokens as per the ERC20 protocols. The unique thing in ERC20 is, it is created and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain whereas bitcoin is created on the respective blockchain. ERC20 tokens are stored and sent through Ethereum transactions and utilize gas to uphold transaction fees. As well, this is the foremost fabulous specification to offer Ethereum tokens standardization. Due to its popularity, ERC20 tokens are increasingly known to investors.

Some of the popular ERC20 tokens are EOS, TRON, veChian, ICON, OmiseGo, Zilliqa.

ERC20 Token Development

ERC20 token development is a set of services offered by companies or professionals to enhance the blockchain network. The ERC20 token lets developers create dApps on the Ethereum blockchain.

Features of ERC20 Token Development


  • ERC20 token creation set at ERC20
  • Absolute ownership of ERC20 tokens developed
  • Apt for business applications since fungibility is a major concern
  • Custom ERC20 token name symbol and the initial supply
  • No requirement of programming skills in ERC20 token development
  • Verified smart contract source code
  • Industry-standard ERC20 token accepted by most exchanges and wallets.

Benefits of ERC20 Token Creation


  • Cost-effective
  • Simple coding
  • Less consumption time of the creation 
  • Easy usage
  • Secured with smart contract
  • Deployed with wallet
  • Quick fundraising
  • Automatic transaction

If you are seeking to launch tokens or need a new idea for an online business, Security Tokenier is here to assist you. Being a leading ERC20 token development company, we are specialized in providing ERC standards token development solutions. Here are our token development services.

ERC20 Token Development Services

We, at Security tokenizer, are experienced in developing the ERC20 standard token from the scratch. With the adroit developing team, we are excellent in Solidity knowledge and are well versed in transforming smart contracts to Ethereum. We furnish you with the best in token development services. A few of them are listed below.

Token Creation

We assist you by creating a powerful ERC20 token as per your requirements. We provide a transparent and seamless experience in all stages of our token creation. You can sell the newly created tokens and trade on popular exchanges without any hassles.

ICO Development

We assist you to build and run a successful ICO for your product fundraising after completing the creation of your robust coin.   Not only development, but we also market your tokens to expose its obligations and enhance funds for the project. Well, as a leading ICO token development company, we bear out to deliver every ICO-related service under a single roof to boost up your journey. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We offer you a dedicated crypto wallet for your ERC20 tokens, as per your requirements. Your token holders and investors can utilize the crypto wallet easily with all safety measures which also let them manage and use their tokens with the dashboard. As well, they can check all the important details.

Token Transfer

The crypto wallet furnishes an excellent range of convenience, that comprises the ability of the token transfer with a unique wallet address. Users can transfer tokens to other users or online stores, through the Wallet app on their phones.

Avail ERC20 token development services from us and enhance your token business seamlessly. 


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