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Before traveling deeper on how to create an ethereum token and become a token creator with us, refresh your knowledge of what Ethereum is

What Is Ethereum Blockchain?

In general, Ethereum is a dynamic high profile blockchain network that utilizes the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). Primarily, Ethereum functions as an access point for digital currencies and services in the crypto world. Ethereum assists in the ongoing finance democratization since it does not isolate upon the people's background. To point out, people should have a crypto wallet to access this network.

Benefits of Ethereum


The Dapps of the ethereum ecosystem is built by value not by surveillance. This symbolizes, while using the ethereum based DApps, there is no need to submit any personal data. This results in you being absolutely anonymous.

Financial Evolution

Due to the lack of financial infrastructure, a huge part of the world's population remains unbanked. Ethereum resolves this in a fine manner. All you need to access services like investing, insurance etc. This results in people with the lack of fundamental tools to enhance their own economies can take part in the decentralized version of the financial world. 


There is no control of the Ethereum network with a single entity. This makes it impossible to stop you from receiving payments and interacting with the services on the Ethereum blockchain.

No More Third Parties

Blockchain technology lets for the advanced innovations and builds a functional peer-to-peer network where the users can directly trade with each other. As a result, it is possible to incise unrequired intermediaries, which drives down transaction costs.

How To Create Your Ethereum Token?

Before creating ethereum tokens, the initial stage we have to fetch is an Ethereum node. Without the node, we are not able to deploy our token on the network. Besides, the ethereum token development comes with the following steps.

A. Get Ether

The secondary prerequisite to create an ethereum token is to acquire Ether. Getting ether on your hands has several ways. The first choice is to purchase it through fiat currencies. The other choice is to swap other tokens for Ethereum on a decentralized exchange. In the sameway, you have to get a crypto wallet to hold any ether. To point out, MetaMask is one great candidate.

Another option is to swap other tokens for ETH on a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap. However, to even hold any Ether, you will first need to get a crypto wallet, and one great candidate is MetaMask. 

B. Create a MetaMask Account

It is necessary to have a metamask wallet, to acquire ether. This is the third thing we must do before we create Ethereum tokens. First one has to download the MetaMask app or include the software as an extension to create an account. This progress is quite simple and there are massive use cases for the MetaMask in the crypto world which acts as a gateway to the decentralized web.

C. Create Ethereum Token

Becoming a token creator, comes with the following four steps

1. Setting Up A Speedy Node

The initial thing we have to undergo for establishing the connection is to log in to the token generator accounts. Then we need to click on the Speedy Nodes tab to pursue the token creation process.

2. Initial Code/Imports Before Creating Ethereum Tokens

Before the token creation on Ethereum blockchain, there are several preparations that we have to undergo in the development environment.  First, we need to include a license identifier to proceed further. The remaining steps of this phase are as follows.


  • License Identifier 

  • Pragma Line

  • Import OpenZeppelin Packages

3. Create a Smart Contract

With the completion of all the preparations, we can create the token ourselves. But, creating a token is quite simple, importing it to the OpenZeppelin package matters. This makes us go for the smart contract.

4. Check The Working Of Smart Contract

Ensuring the working of contracts is the most prominent step to deploy tokens on the network. It can be done by using "brownie console" command. Once it compiles successfully, all other things get perfect.

D. Deploying An Ethereum Token

Creating a Brownie account is the first ever thing after token creation, "brownie accounts new xxx" command is used for token deployment, here "xxx" denotes the account name.

Hope, now you have cleared about how to create ethereum tokens. Being a leading cryptocurrency development company as well as the best Token Development Company, we assist in the best token development services as per the clients’ requirements. Avail us for any ethereum token development related queries. 

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