Why Security Token Offering?

Why Security Token Offering?

In this era, blockchain technology grabs the attention of investors because of its unique decentralized feature. Nowadays, trendy and legally safe tokens are absolutely security tokens. Soon, security token offering services would reach its peak and going to shine in the business world. Actually, why not STO? Suits better than Why STO?

At first, we should know what is STO? Well, Security tokens are a digital representation of real-world assets. investors can tokenize their assets and become the shareholder of the company and it is docile to certain rules and regulations it let token holders make decisions in a certain company via blockchain platform through the voting system.

Features of STO

The unique features of  STO are

  •  Programmed equity
  •  high security
  •  divided shares
  •  Global investors

High Security:

These amazing features grab the investors' attention and the product owner’s trust. highly secure is the phrase we often hear in STO, the reason behind this is, it is docile to rules and regulations which involves the Submission of an application to the U.S Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) under regulation D so, legal service is also mandatory for STO. 

Investors are indispensable for any kind of organization. The first question comes to any investors mind is, how secure are their assets are? STO answers this question by its incredible features.it gains the trust of investors and also eliminates the confusion in the future.

Divided Shares:

Product’s owner can enjoy the benefits of divided shares. There will be n number of share holders for a certain company so it will be helpful for an organization to enlarge their crowd funding platform. thus, STO gives the way to promote business ideas in a simple and legal way.

Smart Contract:

In STO all the share details and their level of authority towards the company are encrypted via smart contract. Once smart contract is encrypted it is irreplaceable, it cannot be modified or erased. It is the immutable form of contract which eliminates the need of third parties while performing transaction.

Global Investors:

Security token offering can enhance business beyond boundaries and it brings global investors without any limits. One would invest in any company from anywhere and it does not consume so much time. Settlement of trades will be finished in minutes.

Where to Get STO Development Services?

Security token offering is an innovative technology that vanishes the boundaries in business investments and brings the crowdfunding platform safer and secured. These fantastic features vividly gives the answer for the need of STO.

Securitytokenizer is the leading STO development company which provides profound services in security token offering, security token exchange development, STO legal service, STO consulting service and STO marketing service and a lot more. Securitytokenizer let you to promote your business ideas to next level.

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