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Despite the fact of being a new token in the market, Baby Cake has become an important factor in today’s growing DeFi ecosystem. In this blog lets have an overview of Baby Cake token and its current stats in the crypto market.


What is Baby Cake Token (BABYCAKE)?


Baby Cake is a meme coin operates on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that was launched on July 17, 2021. This is the first Cake reflection token that allows its users to earn CAKE in an hourly basis for just holding BABYCAKE. The benefit of using such a passive income mechanism and having a massive marketing strategy, this Baby Cake has acquired a large number of audiences in a short period. Currently, it has 15,000 followers in Twitter and 40,000 followers on Telegram and has allegedly reached about $30 million of market capitalization.


Who Founded Baby Cake?


Speaking of the founder of Baby Cake, not much is known since having an anonymous founder in the crypto market is pretty common. However, recently only one of its co-founders has revealed himself and he goes by the name Monk on Twitter.


How Baby Cake works?


Baby Cake has a unique system of using auto-claims to reward its users. Using this auto-claim feature it rewards its users with a CAKE for every 60 minutes to those who hold BABYCAKE. The limit to earn rewards for every successful transaction is to have a balance of about 2,00,000 BABYCAKEs. This project functions based on a roadmap in order to improve the value of their tokens for the sake of its users.


Roadmap of Baby Cake (as mentioned in their official website)


  • Launching a website

  • Releasing Whitepaper

  • Influencer Marketing Push

  • Meme Contests

  • Enlisting on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap

  • A $100million market cap attained.

  • Baby Cake founder (Monk) doxxed

  • +40k members in Telegram

  • +10k followers on Twitter

  • Listing on BTOK

  • Audit, Certik audit

  • Partnering with influencers on social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter etc.

  • Tracking earnings

Source: babycake.app


How is Baby Cake unique?


This token is the first of its kind to reward CAKE back to its users. By doing so, it has been considered as an important factor in both the meme token and DeFi ecosystem. Another unique benefit of using Baby Cake is that it offers low fees and high through put values since it has been developed on the Binance Smart Chain. Thus maximizes the transaction speed.


Apart from these existing features, there is a word in the market that the developers are planning to add a few more functionalities like an augmented reality game app, BabyCakeSwap exchange, an NFT platform with a better usability dashboard etc. The chance of adding such features in the near future also makes BABYCAKE a unique token.


Features of Baby Cake Token


Automatic Rewards - As it follows an auto-claim mechanism, the users don’t need to claim their earned reward. Just by adding the cake token address to your wallet, you are all set.

Auto-Liquidity - It helps to create a price stability as it converts about 3% percentage of every transaction into liquidity.

Effective Marketing Strategy - It uses about 5% of every transaction for marketing thus resulted in having popularity among a huge community.

Redistribution - About 7% of each transaction have been distributed to all the users who holds BABYCAKE. In order to earn such rewards, an user must hold around 2,00,000 tokens.

Sell Fee - An additional 1% fee has been charged to all sells, thus reduces swing trading.

Secured Architecture - Due to its secured design the initial liquidity will be locked using DXLock for about a year.


Baby Cake (BABYCAKE) - Price, Chart, Market Cap, and News


Below are mentioned are the current value and trading insights of BABYCAKE token.

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Price: $ 0.000168 USD 
Trading Volume: $ 545,880 
24h Trade Volume: $920,539
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $16,758,634




Source : coinmarketcap.com

Holders: 55,630
Total Transfers: 923,711
Baby Cake Coin Contract Address: Smart Contact Address




Source: bscscan.com


Note : The above values are given based on the time while publishing the article, values may vary.


Is Baby Cake a good investment?


It is not possible to predict where the project will go in terms of value, but looking at the rate of its growth, this project will soon become more popular especially among those who are already involved with the PancakeSwap platform. With the possibility of its improving popularity, there will be a huge rise in its users. Hence, the more users it acquires, the more the worth of Baby Cake will be. Thus makes it as a potential investment option for anyone.


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