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Security is one of the most desired ones among any industry as well as among people in this modern world. Whether it is for online transactions or for transferring data, the security threat is in high volume in the digital sphere.  So everyone was looking for a security process to execute their transaction process without revealing their confidential data to any interloper or hackers. Well, as a resolution for all these crises, Tokenization made its appearance. 

What is Tokenization? 

Tokenization is the process of creating virtual tokens using unique identification symbols for confidential data with integrating all the original information in that data. The data will be replaced by tokens which are encrypted and highly secured. Not only virtual data, tokenization is also applicable for physical objects like Arts, lands, etc… 

This ideology of tokenization has been rapidly adopted with both small scale and large scale businesses in order to enhance the security of their business transactions.

Best Destination For Tokenization

If you are one among them and looking forward make use of this emerging tokenization concept for your business enhancement, then Security Tokenizer is here to assist you. As a leading token development company, we help businesses and entrepreneurs who look to launch their own token or cryptocurrency and support them throughout their blockchain journey by offering a variety of token development services.

Most of the businesses are not aware of these digital tokens and its efficiency. They even get surprised, after knowing that this concept would be applicable for their business. To sort out this and to educate people, we have come upon with top use cases of digital tokens.

Use Cases of Tokenization

1. Crowdfunding
2. Digital Currency & Payment
3. Art, Music, and Games
4. Collectibles
5. Trading & Lending
6. Asset Tokenization - RealEstate
7. Logistics 


The concept of tokenization has been used for crowdfunding in the modern days. We can take ICO(Initial Coin Offering) as a perfect example for this use case. In ICO concept, a company which is looking forward to raise funds for its business idea. Investors who get attracted with the business idea will provide funds for the company and will get a digital token in return for their investment.

These token upholds some utility in consuming the product or services of the company, or a share in the business or percentage of share from future revenue

Digital Currency & Payment 

Digital tokens are also being used for payment online as a digital currency. Crypto tokens can also be assumed as a type of currency available in digital form. These tokens uphold several benefits by going under the blockchain system as it is fast to transact, done without intermediaries, no border limitation and much more.

One of the famous example for digital currency token is Stablecoins. Their value represent from fiat currencies(dollars, Euro, British Pound, etc) which is used for payment in blockchain. Specifically we can TetherUS otherwise called as USDT as a instance, as TetherUS is digital token that represent US dollars. Moreover, it is one of the top five tokens according to market capitalization with a value of over two billions USD in 2018.

Art, Music & Games

Crypto tokens are becoming popular among artist and content creator communities in recent times. Today art works are being tokenized and displayed for online sale rather than going for traditional long term process. Not only artworks, this content, music and games are being tokenized in the name of NFT token which upholds the ownership of those creations.  

It appears best for all artists and creators are looking for NFT Token development as they don’t need to seek buyers and also false claims of ownership can also be averted. 


Probably everyone will be aware of digital cats: cryptokitties. It is a  blockchain game developed on the Ethereum platform which enables the players to purchase, collect, adopt and trade digital cats(tokens). Here the tokens are represented as digital cats(cryptokitties). Well developing a rare and unique cryptokitties will have additional value too.

Trading & Lending

Tokens are most similar to cryptocurrencies. Actually they are the next level of crypto’s. Most of the crypto exchanges allow its users to make trade using tokens. Likewise cryptocurrencies, token are also being utilized for making trade. Moreover, tokens are also used for lending as users can get money by providing the tokens as a mortgage. 

Asset Tokenization 

Any tangible or intangible asset can be transformed as token. Today people are tokenizing their assets to make a sale quickly without any restrictions. Real Estate tokenization suits best for this case. 

Real estate tokenization is a process of creating fractional ownership of the land in the form of digital tokens with the help blockchain technology. With this method, the long term process of buying property can be avoided and also anyone from anywhere of this globe can buy a property. There won’t be any border limits too. Both Property owners and buyers can sell & purchase properties with ease. 


Logistics sectors work with a method of issuing proof of ownership which is called a bill of lading. Usually this method takes time as well as causes several issues like delay in delivery and difficulties in reclaiming goods if the bill of lading is lost. 

To avoid these difficulties, CargoX suggests the tokenization concept. They develop an open system on the Ethereum platform which is called Smart B/L.  The working functionality of this smart B/L is similar to token system. 

Initially, Smart B/L will be created and sent to the exporter. Once the importer transfers the money to the exporter, the exporter will provide the ownership of the smart B/L token to the importer.  With this token, the importer can claim the goods. 


Adoption towards virtual currencies and tokens are increasing greatly as it resembles one of the best and safest processes to manage & transfer the assets. Most of the future transactions will probably be held using the tokens without doubt. Getting adopted with this token concept in advance will be much better. 

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