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The Complete STO Legal Solutions

The Complete STO Legal Solutions

Need Legal advice for your STO project?

The success of a Security Token Offering project depends on various business factors. One of the most important factor is the legal assessment of the  your STO project. Althought the industry of Blockchain is quite unregulated, when dealing with investors money it’s crucial to make sure that the STO project is not breaking any laws every step of the way. With our STO legal advice we help Blockchain & STO's projects avoiding legal issues that can deal the entire project activities.

At Security Tokenizer, We provide Complete STO launch & legal services. Our team of STO professionals launch the project with innovative process where we discuss the client’s business idea to ensure token’s value in the terms of its purpose and entire features. Since security tokens are subject to federal laws, we assist our client in finding a legal partner who knows legal regulations to launch STO in different countries. 

Our Comprehensive STO legal services has everything that you need for a successful STO campaign. This includes 

  • Helping to create a legal documents
  • Establish your legal entity
  • Token sale strategy legal consulting
  • Ongoing legal advice
  • Escrow service 
  • Reviewing all published material for legal compliance
  • Protecting Investors and founders rights and more... 

We deliver custom STO development services to lay a strong foundation for your security token launch.

Your STO project needs a legal support? Take a free consultation here!

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