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Stellar Blockchain Development Company

Stellar Blockchain offers a magnificent built-in distributed exchange that can link businesses, payment systems, and individuals worldwide. We, Security Tokenizer a top Stellar Blockchain Development Company with a group of stellar specialists who have created specialized tokens and other financial instruments to simplify international payment systems. If you want to make use of stellar blockchain development services with us, then we could be happy to assist you.

Our Stellar Blockchain Development Services

Choose our Stellar Blockchain Development Services for better operational effectiveness, scalability, privacy, and security.


Consult the top experts in the field while planning your next Stellar development project. With your objectives and requirements in mind, we offer a plan that is focused on success and a detailed roadmap for your Stellar blockchain development project.

App Development

We create dependable and secure stellar applications that interface with all financial tools using Horizon, Stellar's API server, and other SDKs.

Token Development

We offer custom token development on the Stellar network that is appropriate for any desired use case as a part of our stellar blockchain development services and we also provide Token Development Services

Wallet Development

We work with you to create Stellar wallet applications that let you store any digital money.

Maintenance and Upgrade

Our Stellar developers offer the best maintenance and support services to keep your application updated without any interruptions.

Stellar Smart Contracts

We create extremely sophisticated, secure smart contracts over public and private blockchains using the Soroban platform.

Know more-> Smart Contract Development

Key Features of Our Stellar Blockchain Development

Now that we have a brief understanding of what Stellar blockchain is, let's go through the impeccable key features:

  • The Stellar database has decentralization and open source which are essential elements of a viable blockchain platform.

  • Its consensus technique allows for a transaction confirmation time of 3 to 5 seconds.

  • It is capable of handling thousands of transactions per second.

  • It makes smart contracts and multiple signatures possible.

  • It has a fixed annual inflation rate of 1%.

Operational effectiveness could be increased. You will be able to transact with simplicity due to our Stellar Blockchain.

We want to improve your blockchain transaction capabilities by boosting their accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

  • The ability to require several signatures in order to complete transactions allows for multi-level security. The persons involved must be present in order to authorize transactions.

  • In keeping with the advantages of blockchain technology, each transaction is only carried out once a number of activities or protocols have been completed.

  • Each transaction is carried out within predetermined time frames to encourage regularity and guard against irregularities.

  • We may ensure dependable and predictable transactions by using a clear list.

Solutions of Our Stellar Blockchain Development

Security Tokenizer is the best Stellar Blockchain Development Company, with advanced and latest features to develop Stellar Blockchain Development Solutions and Services. We offer many Stellar Blockchain Development Solutions to our users. Our Stellar Blockchain Solutions are followed below:

  • Payment Solutions

  • Quick Transactions

  • Asset-backed Token

  • Asset Management

  • Cross-border Payments

  • Micro-payment Solutions

  • Global Trade Solution

What is Stellar Blockchain?

Stellar is an open-source, decentralized worldwide exchange network that enables inexpensive transfers between digital currency and fiat money. Additionally, it enables cross-border currency exchanges between any two currencies. It keeps the network in sync using blockchain technology, just like other cryptocurrencies. Stellar is quicker, cheaper, and more effective compared to competing for blockchain-based systems for financial access and inclusion.

The cryptocurrency used by Stellar to make cross-border payments is called Stellar Lumens (XLM). Users of stellar can exchange currency or tokens through the Stellar Consensus Protocol. The servers that make up the stellar network are connected by this decentralized and dispersed network.

How Does the Stellar Blockchain Network Work?  

Stellar adds transactions to a shared and distributed public ledger just like any other blockchain technology. A consensus algorithm known as the "Stellar consensus protocol" is used by Stellar and is based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA).

SCP allows for quick transactions at lower prices with the network as a whole agreeing in a short period, whether a transaction is genuine. Each participant in the global ledger selects their private small network of trustworthy contributors. Quorum slices are the terms of these miniature networks. If Quorum slices overlap, the vast stellar network can swiftly agree on legitimate transactions and add them to the ledger.

Why Choose Security Tokenizer for Stellar Blockchain Development?

Security Tokenizer is a leading Stellar Development Company, as well as a Enterprise Blockchain Services , that provides Stellar blockchain development services. Our team of professionals follows an agile method to react quickly to even minor modifications. If a new requirement arises then we are willing to modify our work plan. We have a strong developing team with deep skills and experience to accomplish complex blockchain projects with the latest technologies and tools. We had good knowledge and experience and who are developed lar Blockchain Development Services and Solutions for users at affordable cost and short time. We offer our Stellar Blockchain Development Services and Solutions with advanced features to the users around the world such as in the United States, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, France, Turkey, and many more.

We are a reputable Stellar Blockchain Development Company that uses top coding and development techniques to uphold data security and privacy. We understand the Stellar blockchain and make sure that you receive the best Stellar blockchain development services for your business. We have worked on more than 50 Stellar Blockchain Development projects around the globe. Our clients are so happy about our stellar blockchain development price and features, benefits, and latest techniques.

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