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Are you an entrepreneur seeking to issue ethereum-based tokens? Before that, it is better to know about the terms and need to find what ERC standards exactly mean and how they support you.

Herewith, a list of supreme ERC standards explained in detail after pursuing a lot of research where ethereum works by making everything sensible to understand its in and outs of the complexities in which cryptocurrencies work in general at blockchain.  

What does ERC Standard Mean?

It is in common hearing an acronym ERC that stands for Ethereum Request for Comments. It is nothing but the application level standards for Ethereum blockchain that include various token standards, package formats, registries and lot more.

In general, Ethereum community utilize a process known as the ‘Ethereum Improvement Proposal’ which helps to examine the standard and its documents. It also suggest to comment on it and may guide the developers to create the revised document according to its principles.

The List of ERC Token Standards

You can acquire knowledge about the list of ERC token standards and in what way they are different from one another. Usually, these standards describe a unique and desired set of functions allowing applications for certain types of tokens with the interaction of smart contracts in a predictable way.


ERC-20 is a common token standard got its first approval in the year 2015. It is meant to be a simple interface that permits the creation of tokens on Ethereum and it is also re-hashed by other applications from wallets to decentralized exchanges. It is the most widely used standard for Ethereum-based tokens and so it is preferred for many coin and token offerings.

As ERC 20 is the most popular token standard, it is the most utilized one in ICOs which issue the tokens on Ethereum platform. Many Ethereum developer can code the smart contracts that can easily interact with ERC 20 tokens.


The ERC-223 acts as the distinct standard built by ERC-20 though it has many hassles with ERC-20 standard. One blatant design flaw of the ERC-20 that contains ERC-223 addresses will be possible to lose the tokens when it is wrongly delivered to smart contract rather sending to a required wallet.

To make it more useful, ERC-223 is reverse compatible with ERC-20 standard. It may consider utilizing the former one in the upcoming days but in general, most ethereum wallets not support for ERC-223 tokens awaiting the latest standards adaptable than expected.


ERC-721 is a token standard especially describes non-fungible tokens specifically on Ethereum blockchain. To mention, fungibility means the characteristics of an individual units or goods that are found to be identical and exchangeable.

As a matter of fact, ERC-721 standard allow anyone to build a token on Ethereum which is unique when compared to one another. To state, none of the ERC 721 are same and so considered as a kind of collectable.

ERC-721 tokens also consider digital collectables that represent ownership over assets and use cases leading to get explored. This contains various physical assets such as property, land, art, houses and virtual assets.

Other ERC Standards

ERC 777 – It is an another standard that attempts in improving upon ERC-20 token. It has some advanced features that includes operators by sending tokens considering another address. It helps in offering users to acquire control on tokens.

ERC 1155 – To describe it in simple, it is an interface that permits smart contracts by accessing and managing multiple token types in a respective manner. An expandable contract will include an overall combination of fungible, non-fungible and other types of tokens at both ERC 20 and ERC 721.

ERC 1337 – This token standard is utilized for recurring subscriptions on Ethereum blockchain. This standard allow wallets to get signing in to the recurring payment contracts by focusing interoperability in providing applicable user interface to manage subscriptions.

ERC Token Development

This is certain to create security tokens by utilizing these common ERC token standards on Ethereum blockchain. Though there are wide range of standards exist in blockchain technology, still there are many token standards striking the world under security token development.

Launch your security token with the required ERC token standards listed to transform your assets into digital. To give you a hand, securitytokenizer stands top in offering security token considering all the ERC token standards by utilizing its advantageous features.

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