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Today, several artists and musicians have started creating NFTs to exhibit their work globally. In that case, next to art and music, digital collectibles have become quite popular recently. This has created a huge hype for unique collectibles like CryptoPunks in the world of NFT. Due to the interest of several people over such collectibles, the value of these CryptoPunks has skyrocketed and it is currently being sold for millions. 
In this blog, we are about to take you down to understand how to create an NFT project just like CryptoPunks - a million-dollar NFT project.

What are CryptoPunks?


CryptoPunks are the NFT project that was developed on Ethereum Blockchain. It is basically an art that is in the form of a 24x24 image that contains a unique avatar. There are about 10,000 CryptoPunks are available in the market and every one of them is unique. 
To know in detail about CryptoPunks, visit our previous blog: What are CryptoPunks ? where we have given you a complete overview of CryptoPunks and the history behind their invention.


How to Create NFT like CryptoPunks?

Below mentioned are some of the basic steps to help you create your own NFT just like CryptoPunks.


  • Choose your Art

  • Have Some Ether Handy

  • Choose a Marketplace

  • Develop your Non-Fungible Token like CryptoPunks

  • Trade your CryptoPunks Clone Tokens

Choose Your Art:

First, you have to choose your artwork. Just like the CryptoPunks uses avatars images with male, female and alien faces, you have to fix your mind on the kind of art that you are going to use on your own NFT. The only limitation that you will have while choosing your artwork is that it has to be a unique piece.


This is much simpler like creating an image, but with multiple layers. for this you have to do the following steps

  1. Choose an image editor application that suits best for you to pixel art program.

  2. You can either prefer 24X24 or 32x32 canvas

  3. Design face, hair,eyes, mouth, and other elements as you wish in pixels

  4. Complete each element in different layers. (i.e) design face on layer 1, eyes on layer 2, mouth on layer 3 and so on.

  5. Export each image as png, this would help us to easily fetch while combining the images in script.

  6. Create a directory with an easy to identifiable name like XYZ in your script folder.

  7. In the XYZ directory create further more directories for face, mouth, eyes and so on, make sure the PNG image created stored in each directory.

  8. Install your desired programming language

  9. Combine the images in the script with proper coding.

Refer to Design your NFT in Ruby : How To Create art for an NFT like CryptoPunks.

The above steps are just to design and code your NFT image, but in order to make your NFT image as a valuable Non-fungible token, you have to proceed the below steps.


Have Some Ether Handy:

It is essential to have an adequate amount of ETH in hand to take your project towards success. You might have an idea that creating an NFT project similar to CryptoPunks might cost you a hefty price. But by having assistance from a professional NFT token development company, there is a good chance to complete the project at a feasible cost. 

Choose a Marketplace:

Now that you have a sufficient supply of funds, next you have to pick a platform to feature your NFT. A few popular marketplaces to list NFTs are Mintable, OpenSea, or Rarible. Among these OpenSea is would a considerable option for your NFT as it is cost-free to join. After choosing a marketplace suitable for your requirements, connect your digital wallet to proceed further.

Develop your Non-Fungible Token like CryptoPunks:

Now connect your digital wallet to the marketplace that you chose, now you can mint your NFT token and save your preferred choice of artwork in it. Make sure to upload unique art with every NFT you create. Now you have completed the process of creating your own NFTs like CryptoPunks.

Trade your CryptoPunks Clone Tokens:


Once featuring your own artwork in the form of NFT, next comes the challenge. In order to make money out of your art, all you have to do is showcase it to the people who would be fond of purchasing such a piece of artwork. Looking at the rate of trading that happens with the CryptoPunks, it won't be too long to get someone to notice your precious piece of work.

Why Create NFT like CryptoPunks?


Initially, these CryptoPunks were launched just to entertain the people, but now the value of these punks has touched millions. This fact answers the above question. As the number of investors who are interested in unique collectibles has increased a lot lately, now would be the right time to launch such an NFT project. 


Some Interesting Facts About CryptoPunks

  • There are almost 10000 unique crypto punks, which are almost worth $400 million

  • CryptoPunk 7523, the most expensive CryptoPunk to date, and it is worth around $11.7 million

  • CryptoPunks 3100 was sold at more than $7 million

  • An article published in TechCrunch, states that a pseudonymous user mr703 claimed 703 CryptoPunks at launch and still holding them which are worth tens of millions.

Know more interesting facts here - BusinessInsider.com
The above numbers are the strong proof for the question, why you have to create your NFT like CryptoPunks!

The Business Scope Of Creating NFTs Like CryptoPunks


When comparing to the launch of CryptoPunks, now there are several advanced features available in the market along with many companies who are experts in providing various NFT token development services. With the assistance of a renowned company, your NFT business can reach great success.


About Security Tokenizer:

Being the best token development company, we offer extensive crypto token development solutions for various industries. With our immense knowledge in the Ethereum Blockchain, we can help you create and launch your own Ethereum based non-fungible tokens similar to CryptoPunks. The NFTs that we create not just replicate the working model of CryptoPunks, but will also replicate the success of CryptoPunks.

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