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In today’s crypto world, the digital art has bloomed with several upgrades happening with NFTs. In the NFT industry, the CryptoPunks are considered as the most iconic NFT project that has ever been created.


In general, these CryptoPunks might look like a simple face with regular hats or with smoking pipes. But surprisingly these funny faces have a worth that can buy you any physical and digital entities. Now let us see what makes CryptoPunks valuable.


What are CryptoPunks?


CryptoPunks are nothing but a NFT projects which are basically an image with 24*24 pixel images which has an unique avatar in it. There are about 10,000 CryptoPunks are created so far and all those avatars are created using an unique mixture of entities like a male face, a female face, or an alien with some accessories like hats, glasses, cigars etc. Initially all these CryptoPunks were distributed for free, but later with the interest of several art collectors the price of these punks have skyrocketed.

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Who created CryptoPunks?


CryptoPunks was launched in the year 2017 by a company called Larva Labs that was owned by a couple of skilled developers named Matt Hall and John Watkinson. At first they have started this as a fun project with a main objective to entertain the people, but later this project has transformed into a serious NFT project in the cypto industry.

Source: gadgets.ndtv.com


History behind CryptoPunks


During the project launch, the famous NFT standard ERC721 doesn’t even exist, hence the developer duo used ERC20 token standard to create CryptoPunks. In this process, the developer team has modified the standard ERC20 in order to produce these CryptoPunks as non-fungible items. Several believe that this is the starting point for the development of ERC721 token standard.

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What makes CryptoPunks unique?


Among the 10,000 CryptoPunks, there are about 6,039 male avatars and 3,840 female avatars along with some zombie and alien avatars. Each of these avatars are made unique from each other my creating them with a several combinations of accessories like 3D glasses, pigtails, buck teeth, beanie, cigar pipes, hats etc. By using this method of mixing up these accessories with the above mentioned avatars, the developers make sure that no two CryptoPunks are identical.


Top Most Expensive CryptoPunks that you should know


Below mentioned are some of the most expensive CyptoPunks that have been sold till now.

  1. CryptoPunk 7523 - It is the most expensive CryptoPunk that has ever been sold. It has been sold for about $11.7 million. This CryptoPunk has an alien avatar which wore a gold earring and a red cap along with a face mask.

  2. CryptoPunk 3100 - This has been sold for an amount of $7.58 million. It also has an avatar which wears a white and blue colored headband.

  3. CryptoPunk 7804 - This alien has been sold out for about $7.57 million.

  4. CryptoPunk 2410 - It has an ape punk with red knitted cap along with a small black shade in the picture. This has been sold for $5.6 million.

  5. CryptoPunk 5217 - This also has an ape avatar just like the previoius one and it has been created with a red cap along with a gold chain. This was sold for $5.4 million.

  6. CryptoPunk 7252 - This one has a zombie avatar which has red hair and also wears a gold earring and a chain. It costs about $5.33 million.

  7. CryptoPunk 2338 - This punk also has a zombie avatar with a slight different hair style from the previous punk mentioned above and it has been sold for a price of $4.5 million.

  8. CryptoPunk 888 - A female avatar as this CryptoPunk was recently sold for about $2.87 million.

Source: techtimes.com


How to buy CryptoPunks?


In order to buy CryptoPunks, first you need to have a required amount of Ethereum(ETH). The total cost depends on the sum of how much does the specific CryptoPunk costs and what would be the ETH gas fees in order to make the transaction. And to do so, you need to have an Ethereum wallet. Using such digital wallets, you can have a secured storage of your ETH and can easily transfer those to purchase your desired punk. As of now there are several professional companies in the market who can offer you effective wallet development services. Therefore, all you have to do is to choose the best token development company in order to avail a wallet solution that meets your requirements.


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