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What is a Cryptocurrency Token?

As we well know, cryptocurrency is a digital currency, likewise, a cryptocurrency token is a virtual token of so-called cryptocurrency denomination. 

Based on its own blockchain, a token can be identified as to whether it is a tradable asset or utility token. Which let the token holders spend it for investment or economic purposes. Users can create, distribute and manage tokens

What is Crypto Token Development?

Crypto tokens are revolutionizing the global financial industry, re-innovating the transaction way, diminishing the settlement time, neglecting the intermediaries as well as boosting the security quotient. Cryptocurrencies have displayed themselves as quick, secure, transparent, and rapid transactions. To grab those benefits of cryptocurrencies, there are many startups and well-versed organizations throughout the world that are endeavoring into token development which heals the demand for token development services. Security tokenizer is one among them.

Types of Security Tokens 

1. Security Token

Security tokens are asset tokens issued by ICO which give users ownership of real-world assets like traditional stocks or bonds. Security tokens use blockchain’s decentralized database system for the tracking of asset ownership. Security tokens let users undergo multiple investments. 

2. Equity Tokens

These tokens are utilized in the goods or services exchange that usually functions like standard currencies.  

3. Utility Token

Utility tokens provide owners with access to specific products and services. These tokens can be used on platforms to avail special favors or tracking to services.

What are Token Standards?

The increase in the number of blockchains leads to token creation in different standards. As per the standards, the tokens are traded on,  various address formats are used and the wallets that support the standards are utilized to store the tokens.

Types of Ethereum Token Standards

The following are the types of Ethereum (ERC) token standards.

(i) ERC 20 

An ERC20 token is a blockchain-based asset with identical functionality to bitcoin, ether, as well as bitcoin cash. Besides, it can hold value and be sent and received. To point out, ERC20 is an official contract to propose improvements in the Ethereum (ETH) network. 

(ii) ERC 721

ERC 721 is a token that is represented as a non-fungible token (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. This token standard was invented to let anyone create ethereum tokens that are absolutely unique from each other. To mention, no two ERC 721 tokens are similar, as well, they can be thought of as a kind of collectibles. Besides, the ERC-721 token is utilized to represent assets ownership and the use cases are initiated to explore which indulges physical assets like houses, lands as well as virtual assets like digital collectibles.

(iii) ERC 1400

ERC-1400 is a crypto token built on the Ethereum blockchain and it was developed by polymath along with several external contributors. To point out, ERC 1400 is a conjoinment of both ERC 20 and ERC 777 which signifies that security tokens are backed by real-world assets. This token standard makes the security token transactions more transparent and the transaction status can be checked in real-time.

Other ERC Token Standards:

(iv) ERC 223 

This token standard is identical to the ERC20 with added functionalities. If ERC 20 is not developed to work with ERC 20 and sent to smart contracts, those tokens remain inaccessible forever, which assure that tokens are only sent to contracts with appropriate functionality. 

(v) ERC 777 

This is another token standard to improve upon the same ERC 20 token. It upholds advanced features such as operators to send tokens in accordance with another address and furnish more control over the tokens for the users.

(vi) ERC 1155

This standard is an interface that lets smart contracts manage multiple token types simultaneously. A deployed contract is the integration of fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. 

(vii) ERC 1337

This token standard is to recure ethereum blockchains subscriptions which focus on interoperability, letting wallets to sign into recurring payment contracts and furnishing accurate UI for managing and canceling subscriptions.

Types of Tron Token Development

(i) Tron TRC10 Token Development

TRC 10 is considered as a technical token standard on the Tron blockchain without the lack of support for Tron virtual machines (TVM). This lets for seamless token creation, transaction speeds, and reduced transaction costs. 

(ii) TRC 20 Token Development

TRC20 in TRON token development is also a technical standard for smart contracts with support for TRON Virtual Machine on the TRON blockchain. To point out, TRC20 tokens will be appropriate with Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard.

(iii) TRC 721 Token Development

This token standard is a recent addition to TRON token development. TRC 721 tokens let you deploy NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the TRON blockchain simply. As well, TRC721 tokens are agreeable with Ethereum’s TRC721 token standard

Types of Binance Token Standards

(i) BEP 20

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance smart chain that embellishes ERC-20 characteristics. You can think of it as a token blueprint that describes how they can be spent,  who can spend them as well as the protocols for their usage. Since it is similar to each other, Binance chain BEP-20 and Ethereum’s ERC - 20 are consistent with each other. 

Benefits of Token Creation

The following are the benefits of token creation 

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple coding
  • Less consumption time of the creation 
  • Easy usage
  • Secured with smart contract
  • Deployed with wallet
  • Quick fundraising
  • Automatic transaction

Characteristics of Crypto Token

The following are the crypto token characteristics

  • Improvised liquidity
  • Risk-free transaction
  • Limitless access of data
  • Transactional efficiency 
  • Cold wallets
  • Simplified implementations
  • P2P payments and processing

Process Involved in Token Development 

The following are the processes involved in token development.

(i) Setting Up Smart Contact

Crypto tokens are arbitrated and built to work on the basis of specialized software called smart contracts which are computerized with operational specifications that undergo asset transfer efficiently. 

(ii) Selecting Token Type of Supply

It is mandatory to pick the framework over which the token will be operated to deliver token supply management effectively since tokens are smart contracts and operated on the blockchain. 

(iii) Addition of Transferable Attributes

After picking your desired framework on which token is to be activated, it is crucial to make add ons or attributes which offer for the token to transfer easily. 

(iv) Token Identity Set Up

This is the significant token development process but undergoes tertiary. User-specified name, symbol, identity selection, and operational functionalities are the set for the token development.

(v) Token launch for Use

After setting up token identity, the token is visible in the cryptocurrencies transfer window, the token gets listed in the transaction window and available for the crypto participants' transactions. 

Cryptocurrency Token Development Service

At security tokenizer, cryptocurrency token development services come for the following. 

  • Ethereum Token Development
  • Tron Token Development
  • Binance Token Development
  • Token Wallet Development
  • Non-Fungible Token Development
  • Token Listing Assistance


Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security.

Features of Tokenization

  • Larger Assets Fractionalization 
  • Enhanced Liquidity
  • Secure Wallet 
  • Global Capital Investment
  • Programmable Equity
  • Automated SEC Compliance
  • Customized Blockchain
  • No Intermediaries

End -to-End Cryptocurrency Development Strategies and Categories

A. Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency development has a set of protocols which are the following.

(i) Token Development

Implementing token design to form the conditions for enhanced performance and  application programming interface infrastructure 
(ii) Escrow Services

We can control Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum escrows efficiently that comprise the funds as long as the development service is not done and prepared for public purchase.

(iii) Pre ICO Strategy

We enable access to the Pre-ICO participants to ensure that ICO is no more complex than boot-strapped chaos. 

(iv) White-paper Services

As we well know, the basic aspect of every ICO is a whitepaper. At security tokenizer, a team of content writers assures the value of every written word in the white paper.

B. NFT Token Development

Non-fungible tokens recognize data in their smart contracts that make them unique. Each NFT represents a specific real-world asset and cannot be converted directly to and from another token. With the security tokenizer's complete NFT token development services, individuals and institutions assure asset ownership completely. 

NFT tokens are

  • Indivisible
  • Hold license of ownership
  • Non-counterfeit
  • Recoverable    

(i) Non-Fungible Token Development Services

Non-fungible token development services assist the progress of digital assets to be tokenized for collection. The following are the nonfungible token development services.

1. Crypto Collectibles

You can acquire digital assets and allow them to your name. The assets' ownership is immutable using NFT.

2. Identity Management With NFT

This function influences the uniqueness of NFTs for identity management. Each token has a unique value and is possessed by a particular entity.

3. NFT Exchange Development

This function reveals the Blockchain-enabled secured NFT exchange platform to sell, trade and exchange NFT tokens.

4. Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset lifecycle management of NFTs is for buying and selling any physical or digital asset. Here, you can simply transfer token ownership to another user.

5. Real Estate Tokenization

Undergo real estate space to the next level with NFT which led to capture the virtual ownership of the land and list it on the market for the audience attraction.

(ii) Benefits of Non-Fungible Token Development

Token Holder Benefits

  • Able to prove their ownership.
  • Immutable data that is impossible to manipulate.
  • Chance to acquire royalties for the original creator.
  • Earn lasting returns with long period token holding

Token Creators Benefits

  • Able to prove their ownership.
  • Scarcity and supply control.
  • Lifetime royalties for every sold token
  • Possible to trade on any peer-to-peer network

C. DeFi Token Development

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) has acquired a lot of stir in the cryptocurrency space which empowers the usage of blockchains' conventional financial tools. Due to the enhancing popularity of DeFi platforms, DeFi token development also becomes more fabulous now. The DeFi tokens are based on blockchain that are utilized for various purposes on different protocols.

DeFi token development is transported in a way that seamlessly transferable and cryptocurrencies transparency is maintained. Even Though cryptocurrency is an asset, the DeFi tokens are developed by the financial format that stays on the blockchain. Moreover, DeFi undergoes lending, staking and borrowing for blockchain users. 

To finalize, several experiments have been undergone on DeFi token development. Based on that, DeFi tokens have been categorized as the following.

  • Fee Tokens
  • Governance Tokens
  • Collateral Tokens

(i) Fee Tokens

Fee tokens are DeFi tokens devised to claim a set percentage of fees that is caused by a specific DeFi protocol. 

(ii) Governance Tokens

These tokens became very fabulous with users who are very fascinated in the DeFi protocol growth. That’s because the Governance tokens give holders the governance rights like how the project will develop over time. 

(iii) Collateral Tokens

These are the tokens whose price is attached to the price that the DeFi protocol is trying to manage.

D. Ethereum Token Development

Ethereum token development services come with token creation, token transfer, token web wallet and cold storage of all ethereum token standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1400, ERC-777, ERC-223, ERC-1155. The most fabulous and significant ethereum token development is ERC20 token development.

(i) ERC-20 Token Development

We at Security Tokenizer furnish you the best ERC20 Token Development services that let you to revolutionize your business to Trust, Transparency and Traceability. We provide the following token development services.

(i) ERC20 Token Creation
(ii)ICO Development
(iii) Token Wallet Development
(iv) Token Migration
(v) Token Listing
(vi) Cold Storage

E. Tron Token Development

TRON token development services come with token creation, token transfer, token web wallet and cold storage of all TRON token standards such as TRC-10, TRC-20, TRC-721. The most fabulous and significant TRON token development is TRC -20 token development.

(i) TRC-20 Token Development

TRC20 in TRON token development is also a technical standard for smart contracts with support for TRON Virtual Machine on the TRON blockchain. To point out, TRC20 tokens will be appropriate with Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard.

(ii) Benefits of TRC-20 Token Development

  • High Transactions per second
  • Enhanced scalability
  • High-level storage mechanism
  • POS Blockchain-enabled

F. ICO Token Development

Initial coin Offering (ICO) is one of the best fundraising mechanisms for entrepreneurs if their business is evolving around the blockchain and crypto space. Security tokenizer, being a leading ICO development company with absolute experience and knowledge in the field, our ICO development services extends to the following.

(i) Token Development

We design and develop the best levels for crypto tokens and make your own blockchain platform before the launch of your ICO.

(ii) ICO Marketing

Our extended ICO marketing services lead you to a successful edge in the field of ICO development.

(iii) Community Building

With blockchain-based digital solutions and a strong growth foundation, we build transparent and independent communities throughout various categories.

Our ICO token development also covers the following

  • Whitepaper
  • Landing page
  • ICO fundraising dashboard
  • Marketing plan
  • Bounty management
  • Coin or token creation
  • Coin dop
  • Listing services

G. STO Token Development

Security token offering (STO) has got great attention from the beginning and this increases the count of crypto investors. There are many more obvious reasons to say the STO is a better alternative to ICO mainly due to the regulations prescribed by SEC (securities and exchange commission).
Security token owners influence with wide benefits like profit distribution, voting rights and trading their assets on exchanges. It also includes some of the following importance of security tokens. 

  • Brings back the credibility
  • Speed up execution time
  • Improves traditional finance
  • Free market exposure
  • Huge count of Investors
  • Easy Liquidation
  • Use of smart contract reduce law service

Like the ICO token development, STO token development also has its own stages. 

  • Token Creation
  • Token integration with KYC
  • Ability to switch platforms

Securitytokenizer is a Token Development Company that offers you the perfect token development services that you are in need of. We are not alone a simple service provider but also innovators who come up with cutting-edge ideas to take the technology further.

To acquire creative and professional token development services, Join your hands with Security Tokenizer now!

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