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Bitgert Token Development Company

Leading Bitgert Token Development Services Company that helps to create reliable and faster CryptoToken on Zero-Cost Gas Fee Bitgert Blockchain Network with primary Features.The BRISE token of Bitgert has a significant increase following the launch of its native mainnet in February 2022. As of may 5, BRISE has risen over 230% this year. With the launch of Bitgert's mainnet, the network gains smart contract and dApp development capabilities. 

Bitgert has experienced a surge in developer activity aided by its startup studio in 2022. This startup studio assists prospective projects with private token sales using BRC20 smart contracts. So far, BRISE has appeared as one of the top gaining tokens in 2022. Our Security tokenizer provides the vast development technology like Bitgert and we are well-structured in the development of Bitgert token. 

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What is Bitgert? 

Bitgert is a cryptocurrency network that aims to be a blockchain with no gas fees. Among the Bitgert ecosystem's existing offerings are Knit finance(DeFi), Miidas NFT marketplace(NFT marketplace) and SPYNX labs (DEX). 

What is BRISE Token ?

The native token of Bitgert  network is BRISE. It first debuted as a BEP20 token on the Binance network.The token was converted to its native BRISE chain token after the introduction of the BRISE chain. According to Bitgert's website, users that stake their BRISE will receive staking incentives in BUSD.

The BRISE currency is often used as a peer to peer payment method with no transaction costs within the BRISE dApp wallet. It enables both the seller and the buyer to trade crypto fees directly with one another, eliminating the need for a third party.

Furthermore , the site has included a cryptocurrency buyback concept ,making the BRISE coin a "token more appealing to keep". The buyback strategy provides investors more confidence to buy and retain the coin which hopes to improve demand and price in the long run.

Buyback tax of 5% is collected on each transaction and stored in the contract. If a sale occurs, a portion of the paid repurchase tax is utilized to acquire tokens from the liquidity pool, which are instantly burned.According to CoinMarketCap, BRISE's Maximum supply is one quadrillion tokens, the circulating supply of BRISE coins is about 427 trillion as of may 6, 2022.

Highlights of Bitgert 

The Bitgert blockchain is the first gas less blockchain and is the fastest chain in the crypto industry.
Fastest and zero gas fee chain 
The most important reason for Binance's success in the market is the accessibility and speed of its blockchain. It has the quickest and most cost effective chain. The Bitgert blockchain is the most widely used chain today because of these two capabilities. The Bitgert chain has more projects and users than Binance and other blockchains. 

The Bitgert blockchain also provides smart contract functionality and enhanced interoperability. As a result of its widespread adoption, Bitgert could be considered as the next binance. 

How Much Does it Cost to Create Token on Bitgert Blockchain?

The Crypto Token development cost differs based on your business needs & requirements. You will Discuss your Project with us then create and launch your Crypto Business Instantly.

What Types of Businesses are Supported by Bitgert Startup Studio?

Bitgert startup studio is a programme designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses in generating capital using BRC20 smart contracts to conduct public and private token sales.

Below are the types of supported business we offer, 

  • Technology

  • Real estate 

  • Infrastructure 

  • Financial services 

  • Chemical 

  • Energy 

  • construction

  • Gas 

  • Energy

  • Oil 

  • Medical

Why Security Tokenizer for Bitgert Token Development?

Security tokenizer is a leading Token Development Company that provides the Bitgert token development with high-end security features. Bitgert is a better initiative for our developers as well as users than binance because of the BRC20 blockchain. The rapidly expanding ecosystem expands the number of chain users. As a result, Bitgert has the potential to not only be the next binance, but also outperform it due to its widespread use. Our skilled developers will help you to complete your business needs. 

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