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Security tokens acts as the first breed of crypto-asset that extend the gap between the investors and the crypto world. 

In that debt tokens is one type of security token that is similar to traditional security. 

What is Debt Tokens?

Debt tokens are the tokens that represent a debt or cash that is similar to short term loans on an interest rate for certain principal amount lent to the company. It is equivalent to the raised capital through debt. 

Debt security tokens symbolize some of the debt instruments such as real estate mortgages and corporate bonds. The behaviour of these tokens are imposed by two main factors. One is Risk and another one is Dividend. 
Before knowing the importance of debt tokens, here is the factors that describes its functionality.


It means a risk that subject to the debtors in default or a sudden changes while considering the debt valuation. 


Debt tokens are structured to develop a common dividend that is based on the payment amount of the latent debt instrument.

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Benefits of Debt Tokenization

There are various benefits when considering the tokenized debt.

Universality: As Debt is a global level concept that helps to operate and analyze the corresponding representations of debt that lead to a universal debt transportation.

Fractionalization: It is the ability to fractionalize the debt by considering the opens with the asset to a brand new and large category of investors.

OTC Trading: Many debt transportation trading takes place over the counter (OTC) manner across the globe. In general, security tokens can streamline by digitizing the existing processes.

Composability: Here, Debt is composed easily with the representation by making the real estate leases as a security token symbolizing the collateralized debt obligation (CDO). 

Futures: Debt acts as the perfect way to lead futures and its derivatives towards a security tokens. Debt build a fairly incidental model rather considering the typical futures models

A Debt Security Token Protocol

In a security tokens, a debt security token protocol implementation is not found to be a simple one. So, there are many technologies that paved a way to bring out a great solution to enhance your business. In that, securitytokenizer furnish the best service that guides in enabling the development and management of tokenized debt assets. We suggest in providing an easy model platform based on the following fundamental components

Debtor: The person in a debt transaction who borrows an asset and incur a creditor with the certain admit value.

Creditor: A person within a debt transaction who lends an asset owe to some agreed value by a debtor.

Underwriters: An individual that amass a fees for carrying out the public issuance and borrower risk into the asset.

Relayers: The party that cumulate signed debt messages and hosting it in a centralized manner by providing assurance to the retail investors by filling the signed debt orders.

Due to its beneficial features and derivatives, it can be easily understood by many investors. To obtain a debt token in benefiting your business, securitytokenizer offers the best security token development services in satisfying your business requirements to much extent.

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