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5 Web3 Games You Need To Explore

5 Web3 Games You Need To Explore


DateJul 10, 2023


The sphere of Web3 gaming is a fusion of cutting-edge digital technology and interactive entertainment. This news takes you on a tour of five noteworthy Web3 games in this evolving gaming industry.

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan, is a free-to-play immersive open world where players have the liberty to explore, engage in combat, interact socially, and gather various items. The hooligans possess individualistic qualities that are certain to leave an impression. Armed with various utilities, these distinctive rabbits also serve as playable characters in the burgeoning metaverse game.

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Enter BLOCKLORDS, a medieval grand strategy game where the players shape the world and narrative. Here, you have the freedom to choose your path and destiny, whether as a peaceful Farmer, a protective Knight, a battle-thirsty Raider, a noble Lord or Lady, or an all-powerful Ruler.


Developed by Bazooka Tango and published by Immutable Games, Shardbound is a collectible tactics game that combines the strategic depth of a tactics battle, the allure of a collectible card game, and the tension of a poker tournament.

Sky City

Sky City, the beating heart of the Alterverse, is characterized as a Massively Multiplayer Online Social Sandbox Game (MMOSSG). It’s an interactive hub and a dynamic world brimming with numerous activities and unique opportunities.


Source - https://nftnewstoday.com/2023/07/06/5-web3-games-you-need-to-explore

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