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This VR headset makes you feel things on your lips, Mouth and Tongue

This VR headset makes you feel things on your lips, Mouth and Tongue


DateJun 03, 2023

It allows you to feel spiders crawling around your lips or raindrops and mud splattering across your mouth in virtual reality.If you were ever wondering what it's like to have spiders crawling into your mouth, new virtual reality (VR) technology can make it feel terrifyingly real for you.

Researchers in the United States have equipped a VR headset with so-called haptic technology that can render realistic sensations onto the user’s mouth.That way, as you’re trying to zap mutant spiders in a VR game, you can actually feel them jump on your face and scurry across your lips.

Making VR more Immersive

Nowdays Metaverse Development increase day by day.What users feel are mostly taps and vibrations on their lips, teeth and tongue. This can simulate things like raindrops, the mud that splatters your face when you run into a puddle, and even crawling critters.

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Source - https://www.euronews.com/next/2023/02/19/this-headset-sends-sensations-to-your-lips-mouth-and-tongue-for-more-immersive-vr-experien


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