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McDonald's launches "McNuggets Land" in The Sandbox Metaverse

McDonald's launches "McNuggets Land" in The Sandbox Metaverse


DateJul 24, 2023

McDonald's launches "McNuggets Land" in The Sandbox metaverse to celebrate Chicken McNuggets' 40th anniversary. Explore the virtual world and earn rewards!
McDonald’s Hong Kong has stepped into the world of blockchain gaming with the launch of “McNuggets Land” in The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based metaverse game. 

The games celebrates the 40th anniversary of the beloved Chicken McNuggets menu item and invites players to an exciting and immersive experience featuring anthropomorphized nugget characters and decor inspired by iconic dipping sauces.

The launch of “McNuggets Land” is an innovative way for McDonald’s Hong Kong to engage with its customers and create a unique digital experience to celebrate the milestone of one of its most popular menu items.

Quests and Rewards in McNuggets Land

In “McNuggets Land,” players can embark on a variety of quests and challenges, exploring the vibrant world of Chicken McNuggets. As players complete quests and achieve milestones, they have the opportunity to earn both real-world and blockchain-based rewards.

While the game was initially launched by McDonald’s Hong Kong, it is not limited to a local audience. “McNuggets Land” is accessible to players from around the world and will be available for exploration in The Sandbox metaverse until August 28.

McDonald’s Expanding into the Web3 World
“McNuggets Land” is not McDonald’s first venture into the Web3 world. The fast-food giant has been exploring opportunities in the blockchain space, particularly with NFTs.

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Source - https://nftnewstoday.com/2023/07/24/mcdonalds-launches-mcnuggets-land-in-the-sandbox-metaverse/

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