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Listen-to-earn lets you earn Bitcoin for listening to a Podcast

Listen-to-earn lets you earn Bitcoin for listening to a Podcast


DateJun 02, 2023

Listen-to-earn lets you earn Bitcoin for listening to a podcast

Podcast platform Fountain has partnered with app monetisation company ZEBEDEE to bring Bitcoin micropayments to podcast listeners.The partnership will give both podcast creators and listeners the ability to earn Bitcoin based on the amount of time spent with content.

ZEBEDEE says that listeners will support creators by paying for content by the minute as they listen to it. Listeners themselves will also earn money for their first hour of daily podcast listening and for watching promoted content.Using crypto to micro-monetize content has been a popular trend across a variety of industries. Play-to-earn gaming with crypto integration is a sector that has seen hundreds of millions invested into it in recent years.

Oscar Merry, founder and CEO of Fountain, believes the ability to listen to a podcast – or Listen-to-Earn – and be paid for doing so will be the future of content creation.

Ben Cousens, chief strategy officer at ZEBEDEE, added: “With this partnership, we’re supporting a brand new type of business model and economic activity, not just for the payments space, but in general.”

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Source - https://www.blockchaintechnology-news.com/2023/01/listen-to-earn-lets-you-earn-bitcoin-for-listening-to-a-podcast/

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