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How AI will drive the metaverse (and vice versa – eventually)

How AI will drive the metaverse (and vice versa – eventually)


DateAug 11, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse are not just the talk of the tech world, but the talk of the world at large.

And while AI is here and its capabilities expanding by the day, the metaverse has yet to be fully realized. But the former is undoubtedly helping build the latter, experts say — and moving forward, AI and the metaverse will continue to complement each other.

“There is this intersection between AI as a technique,” said Gartner director analyst Tuong Nguyen, “and the metaverse as an evolutionary state or era of the internet.”

AI in the Metaverse: Limitless Possibilities

So where does AI fit into all this? Nguyen offered a few use-cases.

For one, it will act as an interface, facilitating interaction with a system whether by voice, text or other input, he said. It can also be used to identify location based on visual cues.

For instance, getting relevant information on the weather. If you’re wearing a headset and asking “what’s the weather today?” the technology needs to be intuitive enough to know that you’re in northern California — not, say, France — and give you a location-specific forecast.

Also, ChatGPT and other generative AI tools can be used to create digital elements that are impossible to introduce by hand. Nguyen compared it to the early days of animated movies when illustrators painstakingly drew out each cell. AI, by contrast, could be fed the beginning or end of a cell, then fill in the blanks from there.

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