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How AI and metaverse technology are transforming the Beauty Industry

How AI and metaverse technology are transforming the Beauty Industry


DateAug 23, 2023

Getting a makeover: How AI and metaverse technology are transforming the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is undergoing a significant transformation as artificial intelligence and the metaverse intersect. We find out more at Cannes Lions.

The beauty industry is on the verge of a transformative shift as artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse join forces. The new technologies are already reshaping customer interactions with beauty brands, ushering in immersive and personalized experiences.

Shiseido - the renowned Japanese beauty brand and mother company of brands including NARS, Drunk Elephant, and Tory Burch - is a prime example of the future of the industry. 

From virtual makeup try-on and AI-driven products to augmented reality applications, the beauty of tomorrow is "alive and well," says Angelica Munson, chief digital officer at Shiseido, adding that AI technologies are "already integrated" into their processes.

By harnessing AI, Shiseido is not only boosting its own research but also empowering consumers to anticipate and address skincare concerns before they become a problem.

The company’s most longstanding success started in 2019 when Shiseido embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Revieve - a leading innovator in AI/AR experiences. 

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AI as a Skin Advisor

The companies introduced a cutting-edge AI tool known as the Skincare Advisor.

A simple selfie and interactive questionnaire can determine beauty goals and powers the Skincare Advisor to comprehensively analyze the user's complexion and ultimately provide a list of recommended products that best suit the user’s individual needs.

"Your undertone is warm, your complexion is olive, your facial shape is long," concludes the software after analyzing a selfie - which it commits to immediately delete - before offering a tailored proposal.

Beauty in the metaverse: an ocean of Insights

As users create their digital avatars and choose how to present themselves to the online world, the metaverse also offers a significant opportunity for beauty brands, says Munson.

"The metaverse is under construction, and there are amazing pilots and experiments happening to get us to that web3 future, but we've seen a lot of traction on users adopting certain experiences and technologies," she said.

Shiseido has already deployed "over 20 metaverse activations across our colour brands and skincare brands," positioning itself "on the forefront of that experimentation," she added.

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