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Future of Justice: Colombia makes history by hosting its first-ever court hearing in the Metaverse

Future of Justice: Colombia makes history by hosting its first-ever court hearing in the Metaverse


DateJun 13, 2023

The South American country held its first metaverse court hearing for a lawsuit against the Ministry of Defence and National Police.

Another milestone has been marked for the metaverse after Colombia held its first legal proceedings in the virtual world.

On February 15, the administrative court of Magdalena - located in the Caribbean city of Santa Marta, in the north of the country - conducted a court session from the metaverse to hear a case against the Colombian Ministry of Defence and the National Police.

The court magistrate, María Victoria Quiñones, accepted a direct request from the plaintiff to hold the public audience in the metaverse, which was also accepted by the defendant.

During the hearing, Quiñones highlighted that the metaverse allowed for “a real interaction” and the use of the immersive technology aimed to make procedural cases more efficient, “as it allowed to bring people in the same virtual space, even when they were physically elsewhere - all without leaving aside the procedural guarantees and the principles of digital justice".

Speaking through her avatar, the judge told those in the hearing that she was " all alone in my courtroom; my colleagues are in their offices, the counsel lawyer is in her house, and the other lawyers are in their own premises where they have chosen to connect from".

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Source - https://www.euronews.com/next/2023/03/01/future-of-justice-colombia-makes-history-by-hosting-its-first-ever-court-hearing-in-the-me

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