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4 Ways The Metaverse May (Positively) Impact Your Business Operations

4 Ways The Metaverse May (Positively) Impact Your Business Operations


DateSep 16, 2023

4 Ways The Metaverse May (Positively) Impact Your Business Operations

There is no doubt about it: the next evolution of the internet – characterized by immersive virtual experiences – is already underway. This future internet brings many opportunities for organizations to enhance their internal processes.

Selling And Marketing In The Metaverse

The metaverse brings many new ways for brands to engage with their customers – such as immersive brand experiences, exclusive collectibles and brand content such as NFTs, virtual try-on functions, and mega-personalized digital products.

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Making Remote Work More Immersive And Collaborative

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of the whole Zoom meeting experience. It’s tiring. It can be clunky. And while it met a need during the pandemic, the long-term future of working will require a much more immersive approach to remote meetings and remote working. The good news is, thanks to immersive coworking tools, it’s becoming increasingly possible to feel like you’re in the same room as distant colleagues.

Delivering Customer Support In The Metaverse

Welcome to the age of metaverse customer service – in which businesses can support and communicate with customers in 3D in real-time. This could take many forms. One example is providing immersive instructions to help customers assemble and set up a product, replacing tome-like instruction manuals (or those mystifying IKEA instructions) with 3D product demos in virtual reality (VR). Alternatively, you could use augmented reality (AR) technology to superimpose instructions and actions over the real-world product via the customer’s smartphone. Picture "Press here" showing up on the screen with a big arrow indicating the exact spot on the product where the customer should press…

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Using Immersive Technologies to Improve HR Processes

Recruiting, onboarding, and training can all be enhanced with metaverse technologies. For one thing, the metaverse can provide a novel way to attract and recruit talent. In one example, creative agency BBH Singapore recreated its office virtually in order to host an open-house career fair. By recreating the firm’s actual office, the idea was to give candidates a sense of what it’s really like to work for the company.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2023/09/14/4-ways-the-metaverse-may-positively-impact-your-business-operations/?sh=684689cd54a9

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