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CropBytes Clone script 

CropBytes Clone Script is a famous crypto farming game that lets you grow your crypto farm in the metaverse. CropBytes Games is one of the top NFT Metaverse gaming platforms in the crypto industry. Cropbytes is a game that attracts gamers to play the farming game in crypto networks. CropBytes Clone Script is a trending NFT Metaverse Farming Game in which grow your farm in Virtual World. Build your Paid-To-Play Game like CropBytes. 

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Features of Our Cropbytes Clone Script

Security Tokenizer offers the Cropbytes clone script with advanced and latest features similar to Cropbytes. The features of our Cropbytes clone are listed below.
Our cropbytes clone scripts are 100% supported by you to create a virtual world where anyone can buy, sell, and farm their fungible assets in a crypto-based environment. 
Gamers create their own strategies and plans to play and win the crypto farming game and enjoy the features of the game.

What is CropBytes?

Cropbytes is a framing game in the cryptocurrency industry that was established in 2018 and is now a popular gaming platform in the crypto industry. Recently, Cropbytes has become a popular web, iOS, and Android game. Our users plan to use strategies to farm their assets in the games and sustain their economies. Players are happily framing, and it increases their own cryptocurrency, animals, commodities, and framing crops in the virtual farm. 

Cropbytes has developed merits in the virtual world, like in the real world, for gamers around the globe. Players can buy and sell their assets in this Cropbytes clone game, and that gives some rewards to the winners in the virtual world. Definitely, it will help the entrepreneurs make profits. Cropbytes is a metaverse game where players play with their assets in the virtual world. 

What is Unique about our Cropbytes Clone Compared to Others?

Cropbytes's agricultural game space is only getting started when it reaches 250,00 players worldwide. Cropbytes uses the Unity game engine and is an iOS, Web, and Android-based game. Cropbytes will be easy to get on any platform, so expert players and new players will also find it easy to play this game. 

Information of Token

CBX is a CropBytes ecosystem's native token. CBX's major purpose is access to special events, payment method, mint the new asset capacity, medium and major of exchange, and helps to trade profits. CBX is an adoption and trending expansion of metaverse, so in future it's popularity and potential will be expanded. 

CBX has 500 million tokens in supply. 3 million (0.6%) will be divided for Bybit Launchpad. The remaining CBX tokens are used for the above-mentioned general breakdown.  When the CBX token is created after four years, it will be unlocked.

Why Choose us for CropBytes Clone Development?

Security Tokenizer is the best Metaverse Development Company as well as Token Development Company that offers the best metaverse development services and solutions on various blockchain networks to valuable clients around the world, such as the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Iran, and more. 
We provide the following trending metaverse development services:

We offer Ready-to-Use Cropbytes clone script with the latest features, cutting-edge technologies, and functionalities at an affordable cost to the users. Our well-knowledgeable metaverse developers deliver user-friendly gaming platforms with unique features, end-to- end processes, the best visuals, and many benefits to meet the clients needs.Launch your Trending NFT Metaverse Farming Game like CropBytes on custom Blockchain Networks in which grow your farm in Virtual World.

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