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What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a trending NFT game in the blockchain industry. It was inspired by a massively successful Pokemon game series. It has an open-ended, immensely customizable gameplay structure that allows users to gather various digital pets called Axies. It can be grown, battled, and traded with the Axie ecosystem. The platform is intended to be a fun, accessible, and instructive way to learn about the abilities of blockchain technology.

The primary difference between Axie and a typical game is that our players are rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem via blockchain economic design. The new gaming model has been defined with the term “play to earn”. All age group people are playing this game who have never heard about blockchain technology.

Check the Website Here:  www.axieinfinity.com
Whitepaper: Axie Infinity WhitePaper

Axie Infinity Token - Overview

The Axie Infinity game has a governance token as ‘AXS’. Token holders will be able to influence and vote on the gaming universe’s direction. This differs from typical games when the game designers determine all of the decisions. Holders of AXS tokens will be eligible to make their tokens in the desire to afford more AXS as well as vote on governance initiatives.

Staking: To obtain newly minted AXS, players will be enabled to lock up their tokens. Stakeholders will be required to vote and pay to recieve rewards. 

Payment: Axie NFT marketplace will accept AXS as a form of payment. AXS can also be used to assess whether or not you are eligible to participate in Axie’s sales and auctions.

Governance:  The community treasury will go online in early 2021 and begin receiving Axie infinity revenue as well as a percentage of staking incentives. Once the network has become sufficiently decentralized, AXS stakers will administer the treasury.

Gameplay: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe with an open-ended structure. The Axie universe must be enjoyable, the ecosystem can attract particular participants to accrue value to the network if it provides an immersive experience.

The Axie core team published the initial fight system developed on top of the Axie game assets in October -2018. With influence from games like idle heroes”, the battle method was designed as an “idle battle” method.
In March of 2019, the Axie team began developing a real-time card fighting system and application. An alpha was published in December 2019. The application has over 15,000 downloads and over 7,000 weekly active users as of October 2020 and In 2021, the weekly active users are increased drastically.

What is a Smooth Love Potion?

Axie infinity players can win Smooth Love potion(SLP) tokens as rewards in battle or adventures mode. SLP are tokens that can be used to create new Axies or digital pets. Prior to the token’s transition to the Ronin blockchain, it was known as SLP. 
SLP lays the way for the play-to-earn which popularises Axie infinity games among players eager to make money or participate in DeFi.

Axie population and Long term sustainability

With the Axie ecosystem, population increase is the main factor. There is a perfect inflation rate at any particular time that permits us to reach our full potential. Axie prices are too exorbitant for regular people to participate, especially competitive Axies. And also the process is too low. When you inflate too quickly, you get unhealthy inflation.

Long term Axie population management depends on:


  • Soulbound Axies 

  • Including additional utility to Axies

  • Including vertical, instead of horizontal progression

Axie Infinity Shards-$AXS

AXS is an ERC-20 governance token. When Axie holders stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in governance voting, they can earn prizes. If players play many games in the Axie Infinity universe and participate in user-generated content events, they can win $AXS.

Axie Infinity shards is to arrange the incentives among the players of the game as well as the developers. The mechanism has two main motives as follows:


  • For communicating with Axie infinity to reward players simultaneously

  • To decentralize the governance and ownership of Axie infinity

This shows unlimited availability but it should be approached carefully.  This offers up a world of possibilities, but it must be addressed with caution. Using the phrase “decentralization “ as a poly, initiatives have been neglected and declined in the past. The transition to a truly decentralized structure will take time.

The community treasury will be active during the earlier stage of 2021. Axie infinity profits and a share of staking rewards will begin to flow into the community treasury. AXS stakers will be in responsibility of the treasury once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.


  • 4.25 % of all Axie NFT marketplace transactions are directed to the treasury.

  • The portion of the breeding charge paid to AXS.

Cosmetic sales, tournament entry, license fees, and other revenues sources will be incorporated in the future as new opportunities arise.

Past revenue streams:

The Axie infinity ecosystem has produced over six thousand ethereum in revenue 

Future revenue streams 

Axie could profit through the sale of Axies, cosmetics, in-game, and land consumables. Fees will also be charged when gamers want to level up their gaming characters, participate in tournaments or create new assets.

Axie Infinity Price, Chart, and Marketcap


  • Axie Infinity’s price is $64.00 (24hrs) trading volume of $453,862. 514. 

  • AXS price is down -7.9% in the last 24 hours. 

  • The circulation supply of AXS is 58 million.

  • The Total supply of AXS is  270 million.

Source : coingeckgo.com

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2021-2025

Volatility is an intrinsic feature of Axie Infinity, therefore making any form of speculative price prediction would be difficult. However, based on expert price forecasts and feelings, the attitude appears to be quite upbeat. The price of Axie Infinity has risen dramatically in the last month as $65. The upcoming prediction rate as 

  • Price prediction in 2022- $80

  • Price Prediction in 2023-$96.80

  • Price Prediction in 2024-$120.145

  • Price Prediction in 2025-$140

Source: cryptonewz.com


The current price of Axie Infinity represents a considerable drop from a recent all-time high. However, based on the overall price motion from the commencement of the year, the AXS price will grow once more in the coming years as it has a promising future and will hit new highs.

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